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Martin Short and France's Julie Delphy star in this montage of scenes inspired by classic Hollywood films. The characters literally "break the fourth wall" on occasion, bringing the action off the screen and into the theater.


It was a fun show. Martin Short did a great job in the lead role, the movie references were solid, and the interaction between the screen and the live actor is amazing. However, the show is not nearly as nostalgic as "The Great Movie Ride" at WDW and some things just felt "off", such as the lack of Clint Eastwood during the western scene and the sometimes awkward transitions between new and old footage.
This was a cute film. I liked the 4-D elements with characters popping in and out of the screen. A fun way to sit & take a break for half an hour.
For all film-lovers this is magnificent experience as Martin Short pops in (and out) of the screen and interacts with some of the most iconic movie moments of all time. Commendably, the film doesn't make concessions to point out films you may not have seen - it expects you to know.

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