Crush's Coaster

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 44 inches

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You're riding on an "underwater" film set on this indoor Maurer Söhne spinning coaster, floating in the EAC with Crush and his sea turtle friends. The ride includes dark ride and special effect sequences on a roller coaster track, but its most notable for its long waits, which begin before the park even opens officially each morning.


So much better than I had expected. We were there on an extremely slow day, so the line was manageable. I think we waited about 35 minutes. The coaster was a lot more aggressive than I had expected and the dark ride portion much more enjoyable than I had anticipated. Really not sure I'd want to wait in line for much longer than we did, but it was fun and I'm so glad I rode it. If Disney decided to bring this attraction to the US parks, I hope they build a double track to help with capacity.
It's a good ride if you want to get the "credit" for riding one new roller coaster, but other than that nothing too special. There is a dark ride portion at the beginning of the ride and after that it's just a typical indoor-dark roller coaster. Lines tend to get very long due to the low capacity, so go on this as early as possible.
It's a good ride, but it's just sitting in a giant box. I wish the queue and exterior could improve...Perhaps a longer dark ride segment too? Regardless, it's fun.
Awesome coaster, the only great ride at WDS. But you're lucky if you can get on it. He capacity is terrible, and the line builds before the park even opens.
Pretty great ride. The roller coaster section is very smooth and unexpectedly thrilling. However, I feel like the theming is sub-par when it comes to Disney coasters. For instance, the ride's facade is simply a blue box and the dark ride portion seemed very cheesy. Nonetheless this is still one of the resort's best rides.
Only good ride at Walt Disney Studios
My family and I were quite surprised at how much we enjoyed this ride. On our first morning at WDS we got to the park 30 minutes early only to discover that not only were the front gates open but people were already lined up (very long) for Crush. And the line was already moving. It's great that they do this as for the rest of the day the line was too long for us. As for the actual ride, I was a bit worried about the 'spinning' aspect as I usually don't do well with spinning. But this was done really well and didn't just spin randomly but seemed to follow a natural path through the drops and turns. Great theming all around, this was our favorite ride in all of DLP. They should definitely build this in Epcot by Living Seas.
I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. It felt like space mountain on a freespinning cart. And not space themed. But I wasn't expecting to be in the dark, and that was exciting. Would be happy to ride it again.
The theming on this coaster is unbelievably good. The dark ride sequences are fun and lead into an exhilarating ride on the EAC. Wait times are definitely an issue (and no fastpasses). Also, on our first ride, most of the animatronics and some of the films were not working. We even were stopped for quite awhile before the lift hill.

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