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Stitch's Great Escape

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Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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The story behind this attraction takes place before the events in the movie Lilo & Stitch. Guests enter the Galactic Federation Prisoner Teleport Center, automatically becoming new recruits in a volunteer guard program. After an explanation and demonstration, we’re taken to a high-security chamber to guard a new arrival: Experiment 626 (aka Stitch). Naturally, the security systems aren’t enough to keep the creature contained, and chaos ensues.

Total darkness, binaural speakers and in-seat water and air effects play with your senses as it seems that Stitch is climbing all around you. Keep in mind that this isn’t the happy, nice Stitch from the end of Lilo & Stitch. This is the mean, nasty Stitch from the beginning. With these somewhat intense special effects, this attraction leaves many little ones crying in terror, which is why it’s consistently the lowest-rated attraction in the world on But among those who appreciate irreverent mayhem, Stitch has its fans.


Constantly rated as the worst attraction at WDW, I personally don't agree with this completely. First off, this isn't even the worst attraction at the resort as I think Primeval Whirl and Triceratop Spin are and second, the pre-show is super cool and the Stitch animatronic is actually pretty incredible. However, that doesn't mean this ride is great at all. It's not the worst in the resort, it's just definitely not one of the best by any means. Stitch just talks the whole time, shakes your seat around, plays with your hair, and burps in your face. There's just not much to this boring ride. Just skip this as it is now open seasonally. It's biggest sin is by far replacing the terrifying but great Alien Encounter. 3/10
No...just, no.
After having heard all the horror stories involving Stitch, I was expecting Disney's worst attraction. I still believe Primeval Whirl is Disney's worst ride since it actually hurts, and I found Stitch mainly boring. The preshow and animatronics are actually impressive, but those are the only positives. The main show is just Stitch talking sometimes, and your restraints shake a bit. I didn't find very much to talk about with the ride; it is one of the most nothing rides I've ever ridden. I think its greatest crime is replacing Alien Encounter. I would certainly suggest skipping this. 3/10
So, you're locked in a restraint while Stitch burps chili cheese dogs and spits at you? Um, no thanks.
Horrible, how this is been around for this long I will never understand.
This the worst Disney attraction! You can't pay me to go on this. Please close it already and replace it with something good!
Worst attraction Disney has ever made. I walk right past this torture machine.
A lot of people hate on this ride and call it the worst attraction at WDW. First off, Figment is the worst ride. Second, this ride isn't that bad. I went on this when I was in second grade, and I found it to be a fun attraction. Yeah Stitch is no where near being the best ride at WDW, but I don't think it's as horrible as people claim it is.
I thought Alien Encounter was not that great, but OK. I now realize that more with this version which is just dull. The only positive is that they don't re-tell the Lilo and Stitch storyline. Rating: (4/10) if this were Alien Encounter (6/10).
Why do so much people hate this ride? This ride is awesome I love the 2 pre shows and the main show with stitch is even better. The stitch animatronic is awesome and looks and acts real. And the show is funny and fun at the same time. Good job Disney I like this version better than alien encounter. Plus I love Stitch he is my favorite Disney character. I give this ride a 9.5/10
I really liked Alien Encounter, this is just cute. I don't see why people hate it. The preshow is fun as well.
With all due respect to the imageeners...OH MY GOD. What the hell did I saw? "Stitch's Great Escape" is, by far, the worst attraction at Walt Disney World. Horrible humor, extremely boring, pathetic storyline... Also, one of my biggest issue with this "show" were the security harnesses. They were extremely painful to use. Hated it. 0/10.
It's awful. No matter how short the line is, do not ride this. The pre-show is cute, and the Stitch animatronic is cool, but the actual "ride" is uncomfortable and underwhelming. You get strapped down by some lowering harnesses that are supposed to stop at your shoulders, but rarely do, so when the ride pushes them down as if Stitch is jumping on them, it's very painful. Not only that, but at one point a rancid chili dog odor is sprayed directly in your face, it's disgusting. Disney rides should not be painful and unpleasant, and Stitch's Great Escape fails on every single level. The ride that was here before this one was at least scary. Why Disney has not had the decency to rip out this horrible excuse for an attraction I cannot fathom. Do yourself a favor and just don't ride.
How could you hate this?! It's got, um, well, it's got, yeah, there's really nothing going for it. go to WDW every year, and consistently walk right by it. I was never big enough to ride ALIEN ENCOUNTER, but I still know how bad this one is. Take my advice, and just keep walking.

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