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One of three Dumbo-style spinner rides at the Magic Kingdom, except that this time, you are flying around in miniature rockets instead of on a flying elephant or magic carpet. The Astro Orbiter is located on top of the PeopleMover loading platform, so you’ll have to take an elevator up to board. Look carefully when approaching these two rides, so that you end up in the correct line.


An elevated, more futuristic take on a spinner that is the tallest at the resort. It's basically like any other spinner like Dumbo but it's so cool because of it's amazing views, tilting your rocket, and how fast it goes! It's very enjoyable flying over Tomorrowland and just enjoying the breeze. Definitely do this at night especially when lines are shorter. 6/10
This ride is awesome and with it's upgrade this ride is just not any ordinary flier type ride it's unique and it deserves more than 6/10.
I actually LOVED it! For those of you who think it's like Dumbo, it's not! It's HIGH either great views and much faster than Dumbo!

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