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Carnival Spinner

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One of three Dumbo-style spinner rides at the Magic Kingdom, except that this time, you are flying around in miniature rockets instead of on a flying elephant or magic carpet. The Astro Orbiter is located on top of the PeopleMover loading platform, so you’ll have to take an elevator up to board. Look carefully when approaching these two rides, so that you end up in the correct line.


This ride is awesome and with it's upgrade this ride is just not any ordinary flier type ride it's unique and it deserves more than 6/10.
I actually LOVED it! For those of you who think it's like Dumbo, it's not! It's HIGH either great views and much faster than Dumbo!
Upgrade it or something
I loved the design of the Astro Orbiter, but sadly I could not get my little guy on the ride. So I am writing this from my view of my 56 and 55 year old parents. They had a blast on the ride,honestly I have not seen those two look any happier then that ride, and my mom is afraid of heights! They did say the seats were a bit small for leg room though.
Another Dumbo copy, but with a twist. It's a little bit faster, and it is placed on top of a buiding what offers a great view over Tomorrowland and parts of the rest. Those afraid of heights can even get a little bit scared. While the queue itself is unthemed, the ascent by elevator adds to the excitement. Do this during sunset, it's a sight you'll never forget!
Very crowded, but it has a very great view(especially at night!) and its taller and better then Dumbo!
4/10 The view would be nice but the rockets are circling at warp speed preventing you from enjoying it. The attraction is also dizzying and slow loading.
worth riding just for the fact its ON TOP of people mover but don't wait over 15 min because you always have to wait longer for the elvators9which they should just replace with themed spiral staircases and keep an elevator for the disabled)

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