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Here's another attraction that got its start at the 1964 New York Fair. Only this time, you're riding in the original version, which was brought here for the park's opening after playing for several years at Disneyland. This carousel-style theater rotates around a central circular stage, allowing the audience to see several scenes illustrating how technology has changed the lives of an Audio Animatronic family over generations during the 20th century. The classic Sherman Brothers song "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" bridges the gaps between each scene.


Another classic, underrated show that I just love. Carousel Of Progress is enjoyable and super nostalgic. There is so much history behind this show that I just love. It just has that "classic" feel to it. It's basically an Audio-Animatronics stage show with scenes in different eras showcasing technological innovations. This attraction just has this charm to it that makes me think of Walt himself as it was one of his biggest projects in his lifetime. Of course, the last scene is woefully outdated and this show could use a big update. It also probably won’t appeal to average, younger guests. While it is a nice break from the heat, it is also just something worth seeing. Older guests will love this enjoyable trip down memory lane. 7.5/10
i love this! it makes it even more special as its the original. best time to go on it is towards the end of the day and you get a 20 minute sit down :>)
Absolute classic.
Fun show- one that could use an update of that final scene, but still good regardless. One of my personal favorites.
I really enjoyed it. I think it could use an update, but I still think that it is a great escape from the heat for a bit. It just feels like a classic, but it is far from a must do. If you want a break from the sun for 20 minutes, it is very enjoyable and never has a wait. 7/10
I liked it! I hope it never leaves MK, there's pure joy that just oozes out of the attraction. It's timeless. It could use a couple more scenes, but it's a classic that should never leave!
Classic Walt. This ride is filled with nostalgia and it's just beautiful. Just fix the mismatched and odd ending and it's perfect.
10/10. No doubt. Just perfect. Perfect characters, humor and overall concept. Yes, it's probably seriously outdated but there is a huge charm in that outdatedness. This shows is special for historical importance too: it was one of Walt's most important projects during his lifetime. The Carousel of Progress is a great piece of theme park history that should remain in the Magic Kingdom forever.
I enjoyed this at The 1964/65 Worlds Fair In New York.
In the 70's & 80's General Electric sponsored & updated the theme with its stoves, refrigerators, fans, and such...
And at the end of this time travel adventure The futuristic family was like The Jetsons ... technology like Back to the Future's warp into the future.
I don't see any maintenance or updating..
It looks very tired since GE last sponsored it.
The hair on the male animatronics theme was half off his head on my last visit... Hey Disney people remember Quality Control ?
I love this show. However, it is in such bad shape. The sound is off - the final scene being the worst. Also, it appears the maintenance of the show has been poor at best. It needs to be closed for a major overhaul. I saw the last show of the day on a day with average attendance, and the theater was 3/4 full. There still seems to be a demand for the attraction, but it is so sad to see it in the current form.
WDW's piece of a Disney Artifact, the Carousel of Progress stands as a testament to America and to Walt Disney's imagination.
A wonderful ride, and a classic one at that. A great way to relax and take in some good old fashioned Americana, in true Disney fashion. It may not appeal to everyone, but if you love animatronic shows and great Disney music, you'll love the Carousel of Progress. It's a fascinating concept, with an impressive execution that still holds up today. Well, except for the final scene. They need to work on that or just do something else with it, as technology moves too fast for even Disney to keep up with.
I...didn't care for it. Call me a 90's kid, but the bad animatronics and painful music (hearing it once was good, but the fifth time? no. please no) kill the fun. I did love seeing the "Past" segments and having older gadgets explained, but that was about it. It's sad that the last segment is so badly dated; it's clear it hasn't been changed in 30 years. I wish they had left what the original 'future' segment had been, to see what the 50's folk had thought today would be like. Too zeerust? 3/10. See only if you have a very very strong nostalgia streak and to get a chance to sit down and air conditioning if badly needed. And can stand repetitive music.
Something I haven't seen since it was taken out of Disneyland. I liked seeing the progress of electricity, but the final scene needs some work. Rated Outstanding due to the memories it brought back.

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