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Visit Belle’s cottage, where you might have the opportunity to recreate the Beauty and the Beast story as a featured player on stage. You’ll start your journey with a trip through the Magic Mirror before a select group of guests (mostly kids) are invited up to play roles in a short Beauty and the Beast-inspired play. Then, it’s time to meet Belle and Lumiere. Enchanted Tales with Belle opened as part of the Magic Kingdom’s 2012 “New Fantasyland” expansion, and provides an excellent example of a new generation of hybrid theme park attractions — blending a show, walk-through, and a meet-and-greet.


This ride is great. it has amazing tech and life like animatronics. This ride is one of MK's best attractions.
I really liked the special effects and the animatronics. It is a show/attraction that is designed for kids, but will keep the adults interested and entertained. I always felt that Beauty and the Beast is a franchise that works on many levels.
In the end, it's a meet and greet, but there are some VERY cool technological elements.
I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. I enjoyed Lumiere and the talking dresser, but was disappointed in the story with Belle. It was extremely short. The kids did look like they were having a good time, though. My 2 year old niece enjoyed it---but wasn't thrilled,. I don't think I would stand in the line to do it again. Seeing Maurice's house was nice, and it was decorated for Christmas at that time, which was a nice touch. I would have to rate it as good.. but definitely not a must see.
Interesting illusions, good acting, and interactivity make this a great show for little ones.
The only good thing is the magic mirror effect.
I'm not entirely sold on this attraction. The thing I enjoy the most is the magic mirror, it blows my mind every single time! The Wardrobe and Lumiere are also just astounding! As far as the actual show, it's cute to see the little kids having fun, but it really is just an average show with amazing effects!
It is exceptionally well done. The queue area is full of little things to see while waiting, and the practice of selecting people from the crowd to participate makes for a really fun show overall.
I loved how unique this attraction was, however it is a similar experience to Turtle Talk with Crush as in I would not wait more than probably 15 minutes for this attraction in future visits. The sets were great, Belle was spot on with the acting and everyone in the party enjoyed the experience. I don't however foresee this attraction becoming a classic over time in the sense that the Little Mermaid attraction will be.
My wife and I really enjoyed it, but it's really for kids since it's just a fancy meet and greet. Shame that Madam Wardrobe was not working when we went through which I hear is the highlight of the attraction. I do see an issue with the long lines, which are slow moving and mostly in direct sunlight. It will be probably be pretty unbearable in the summertime.
I was in Aw on how well this show was made. The mirror portion in the beginning did make my jaw drop and the room with talking wardrobe was even better. I loved how different characters were chosen from the actual group with children and adults being picked. I was picked as the wardrobe lady singer :-) This was definetely an experience not to be missed and its wonderful for any age.
As a single man with no kids, I got to say I've been there, done that. Don't get me wrong however...this is NOT to be missed. Great attention to Detail (short of adding fans to the portion of the queue under the porch at Belle and Maurice's cottage - hot, sticky and way too many stinky diapers around) just like the rest of New Fantsyland. The Magic Mirror is jaw dropping even if you know about it, and I think I may have been the only person in the room who did. Everyone else entered the workshop and faced the doors on the opposite wall (hee-hee). People literally GASPED when the mirror did its thing.

Madame Wardrobe is in my opinion the highlight of the attraction for people like me. Her face is flawless. I honestly think a deaf person who can read lips could have completely understood every word she said.

The show with Belle is delightful even for a grump like me. Like I said, I don't need to do this again, but if I ever visit with friends with kids, we will do this.

I hate meet and greets, but not this one! Even boys will think this is awesome. The illusions and special effects make it s must see.
Saw preview on Sep. 29, 2012 around noon. Our group was the first in on that day. The walk to the cottage is beautiful and the perspective view of Beast's Castle from the cottage is amazing. Everything has wonderful detail. When you enter the cottage, you wait in a family room setting which seems to be sized for the group to see belle. Next you go into the "mirror" room which magically changes into a doorway into the next holding room where people are chosen to be characters in the story with Belle. Next, you move into the story room where the new Luminier (?) animatronic is upon the fireplace mantle, very advanced animatronic. Belle enters, gives the story involving the previously chosen people (~8) with the other 30 or so guests watching from bench seats. After the story, Belle and the chosen people are Photo Pass photographed but the non-participants do not get the one-on-one photos.

I am not a Beauty and the Beast expert so details others would know are lost on me. It is a very impressive new live experience. The chosen people are of all ages so it is more than a child experience. Do it if you have a chance but I think it still needs tweaking especially the photo part. It is not now really a meet-and-greet so don't expect 1-on-1 time.

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