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Visit Belle’s cottage, where you might have the opportunity to recreate the Beauty and the Beast story as a featured player on stage. You’ll start your journey with a trip through the Magic Mirror before a select group of guests (mostly kids) are invited up to play roles in a short Beauty and the Beast-inspired play. Then, it’s time to meet Belle and Lumiere. Enchanted Tales with Belle opened as part of the Magic Kingdom’s 2012 “New Fantasyland” expansion, and provides an excellent example of a new generation of hybrid theme park attractions — blending a show, walk-through, and a meet-and-greet.


An elaborate character encounter (for lack of a better term) in New Fantasyland with Belle, the draw of this attraction really depends upon the guests. Everyone will (probably) be impressed by the technology utilized in it, but only small children and their parents are likely to enjoy the actual experience, which is a bit hokey (in fairness, for some kids, this attraction will be the highlight of the trip). The magical mirror is absolutely magical and is one of those effects that leaves me wondering how they did it. This is now typically one of the attractions with the longest wait times in the Magic Kingdom, and using FastPass+ for it is highly recommended. Again, it's definitely for kids but it's one of those magical Disney experiences that a lot of people will like. 8/10
This ride is great. it has amazing tech and life like animatronics. This ride is one of MK's best attractions.
I really liked the special effects and the animatronics. It is a show/attraction that is designed for kids, but will keep the adults interested and entertained. I always felt that Beauty and the Beast is a franchise that works on many levels.
In the end, it's a meet and greet, but there are some VERY cool technological elements.
I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. I enjoyed Lumiere and the talking dresser, but was disappointed in the story with Belle. It was extremely short. The kids did look like they were having a good time, though. My 2 year old niece enjoyed it---but wasn't thrilled,. I don't think I would stand in the line to do it again. Seeing Maurice's house was nice, and it was decorated for Christmas at that time, which was a nice touch. I would have to rate it as good.. but definitely not a must see.
Interesting illusions, good acting, and interactivity make this a great show for little ones.
The only good thing is the magic mirror effect.

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