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Animatronic Show

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In 1964, Walt Disney created his first Audio Animatronic human being — a talking, life-sized depiction of Abraham Lincoln for the New York Fair. Lincoln moved to Disneyland after the fair, where a modernized version of the animatronic continues to play, reciting excerpts from some of the Great Emancipator's most famous speeches.

For Walt Disney World, Disney's designers weren't satisfied with just building another Lincoln. Instead, they decided to create an attraction with all the United States Presidents, from George Washington on to the current occupant of the White House. So after every new President is inaugurated, the Hall of Presidents goes down for a refurbishment while Disney builds and installs a new President.

Still, Lincoln does most of the talking here, with the other Presidents nodding in the background. Starting during the Clinton administration, the current President also gets in a few words during the show. (Yes, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama each recorded their own parts for the show.) Keep your eyes peeled in the wait area, too, where you'll find mementos from past Presidents and First Ladies on display.


Good for an air conditioned nap. But if Trump wins, this show will be made entertaining because of their animatronic for him. lol
There are two sides of a medal, that's totally true for this show. While the exterior, the informative and detailed waiting hall and the atmosphere in the theater are outstanding, the show itself lacks real highlights. The intro and the following film (narrated by Morgan Freeman) are pretty decent and give you a good and short overview of American history, while the speech of Abraham Lincoln is jaw dropping thanks to the astonishing animatronics. The final roll call of the Presidents on the other hand is so boring it makes this show almost unbearable for repeaters.
Good but not great. We don't stop to see it every vacation. It's nice to see it once or twice, but not too often.
A much improved show since 2008, this one is definitely near the top of my MK list.
How to study for APUSH in 20 minutes. 7/10
A Great Learning experience at the parks...i got a nap while my son learnt a bit of american history!

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