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This Dutch Gothic Revival New England mansion looks innocent enough on the outside, but 999 "happy haunts" reside inside. The Haunted Mansion long has been one of Disney's most popular attractions at theme parks around the world, with its deft use of stagecraft to create a variety of illusions.

The story's a bit murky, perhaps due to the large number of Imagineers who worked on this project at various times before its original version debuted at Disneyland in 1969. But you've got a sea captain who ends up dead marrying a woman who seems to have had a series of husbands who didn't last long.

Once inside the mansion, you'll start your adventure in the "stretch" room before walking down the corridor to board your "Doom Buggy." Yes, the room actually stretches, with the ceiling rising above you as your "Ghost Host" welcomes you inside. If you're curious, the original Haunted Mansion at Disneyland also features a stretch room — but in that one, the ceiling stays in place as the floor descends, taking you underground so that you can pass underneath the parks's railroad tracks to get into the Mansion's ride building beyond. In the Magic Kingdom, the railroad takes a wide turn around the Mansion ride building, so there's no need for the elevator and the ceiling rises above you instead. (Plus, there's that water table issue making digging underground impossible.) In 2011, Disney added some "interactive" elements to the queue — additional "punny" grave markers, some of which play music or spit water at your touch.


This ride is a testament to Walt, his legacy, and ever other dark ride ever made. It's one of only a handful of early-era Disney attractions that have truly stood the test of time, the Haunted Mansion is as impressive today as when it first opened in Disneyland in 1969. The debate over which Haunted Mansion is best is interesting, as each version has its strengths and arguably could be #1. The Magic Kingdom’s not only takes the cake for me, but is one of the best attractions in the world. Its approach through Liberty Square and the upgrades made during its 2007 refurbishment are key for me. Some of the changes to it since have been a mixed bag, but in my opinion the Magic Kingdom version is still the best version by far. It may not have the Hatbox Ghost but it has additional scenes like the Library, Grand Staircase, Piano Room, and creepy eyes that stare at you in the dark. All of these scenes are absolutely perfect and detailed in every single spot. The atmosphere is perfect, it really feels like a dark, gloomy mansion that you can't escape from. The new effects including the Hitchhiking Ghosts are brilliant and it makes the ride so engaging and enduring. The upgrades make this one way better than Disneyland's original. All the history and nostalgia I have for this ride is insane, I used to go on this ride like 10x times in a row, that's how much I loved it! You always see something different every time you ride! It's just a nearly perfect ride, everything about it. The effects, history, upgrades, characters, music, and atmosphere make it an immersive theme park experience that no one should miss at all. It is indeed a must ride, for sure. In fact, this is the best dark ride in the world. It's everything you could want from a dark ride, its just perfect. From the moment you see the exterior of it on the hill, to the moment you leave and hear "Hurry Back," it is a top notch Disney experience. This is a must-ride for all guests, although youngsters may be too nervous to ride or enjoy the Mansion on the first ride, but honestly it's more silly than scary and really everyone should enjoy this Disney classic. 10/10
Not just my favourite attraction at WDW but my favourite attraction anywhere. The interaction elements and theming of the queue line adds even more.
Truly the best dark ride at WDW. Anything more then that, the other reviews have covered.
The ideal dark ride for me. I just love everything about. The atmosphere, the effects, and the voiceover are just impeccable. I consider it as close to perfect as a dark ride can get. It is certainly a must ride. 10/10
People are probably going to gasp at this, but Haunted Mansion is overrated. I liked it somewhat, but it was pretty boring and short. I was hoping it would be scary, and it isn't, so me expecting it to be scary probably affected my enjoyment of the ride. It didn't help that the ride broke down while we were waiting in a long line, so we were stuck in the stretching room for who knows how long.
The best attraction on the Walt Disney World property. period. The Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom is a much upgraded version of the Disneyland original. The atmosphere and environments are near perfect, and the legendary voice of Paul Frees as the "Ghost Host" is still as effective as ever in creating a frightfully fun tone throughout the experience. The 2007 "Re Haunting" refurbishment, along with the recent 2011 "interactive" updates place this version of the attraction on a pedestal far above the other versions of this e-ticket ride. Be sure to visit the new interactive cemetery in the queuing area off to the left, even if the lines are shorter going the directly to the entrance on the right; you'll be glad you did.
It's a testament to Walt's legacy that a ride like this can hold its own against the high tech modern version, Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland. Several effects have been improved from the original but it didn't need much help. This is truly a first-order immersive experience that feels like you're really in a different place, and that's how it works its Disney magic. Timeless.
A perfect Disney ride if there ever was one. Even though this is one of the older rides in the Magic Kingdom, the effects are stunning and the atmosphere is dark and gloomy. The great thing about the Haunted Mansion is that while it's creepy, it isn't scary, there are no big jump scares or completely dark parts, and the overall tone is that of dark humor, rather than straight up horror. Easily the best ride in the Magic Kingdom, don't skip it.

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