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Walt Disney created It's a Small World as a tribute to the United Nations' International Children's Emergency Fund [UNICEF] for the 1964 New York Fair. Artist Mary Blair designed the unique scenes of children playing around the world, while Robert and Richard Sherman wrote the ride's unforgettable theme song. It's a Small World became a huge hit, so, after the fair, Disney moved the ride to Disneyland, where it continues to operate to this day. The Magic Kingdom's version offers a few slight differences from the original, but it has the same iconic design and theme song.


A Disney classic. Plain and simple. The thing is I find this ride not a must usually because of it's counterpart. Let me just say the Disneyland version is sooooooo much better than this. After I experienced it, I just see this as the cheaper version of that great ride. After all, that one is the original that Walt made himself! If you want to see why I think the version is better, go on DL's Small World reviews, I stated why on there. I also hate how it's inside, I get it, they have it because of the heat but honestly it feels like a huge, loud mall and I just don't really like it. However, this ride is still very nostalgic and you should definitely go on it at least once. I still adore this ride and it's classic charm but I just don't think it's a must do when compared to it's superior version. If you do have time though, enjoy this ride. 7/10
the only thing this has going for it is its a original. now i have that song in my head nooooooooooooooooooooooooo
A classic ride. However, that doesn't mean it's amazing in every sense of the word. The boats get backed up, causing you to often be exposed to far more of the ride's theme song then is medically safe. And some of the AA's look a bit stereotypical. But I still go on it nearly every time I'm at the park.
There is nothing technically wrong with the ride, and the message behind it is a positive and important one. But the song is literally the most of annoying thing I have heard in my entire life, and it manages to stay in your head long after you leave the ride. David Lynch described it to be "like having a disease." He's not wrong. 2/10
After experiencing the far superior Disneyland version, I just see this as the cheap one. There's just something underwhelming about its presentation. I enjoyed it, but it isn't really worth your time if there's a wait. 5/10
No thank you.
This is one of the best rides at WDW.
Very nostalgic ride. To enjoy it, you have to embrace the spirit!
It's fun, so I don't really get the hate. It's nothing groundbreaking or special, but it is a classic ride that takes you through all the cultures of the world through the use of family-friendly Disney approved stereotypes. Eh, it's charming, and no one's getting patronized, I don't mind too much. I find it to be a happy diversion, and I even think the song is catchy, in a good way. Give it a ride if you're in the Magic Kingdom, especially if you've got kids. They love this ride, and they need to get the message of world peace and acceptance.

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