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Mad Tea Party

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How dizzy do you want to get on this classic spinning teacup ride? Grab the wheel in the middle of the cup and twist, turn and spin away. Want to avoid getting green? Don't twist the wheel, and try to keep your eyes focused on a fixed point inside the cup, to ignore the world whirling around you.


It never gets old for some reason! I love spinning mine as at a Stas it can go!
Anyone else hear a car crash? Oh, wait; that was just the breaks!
We had a blast on the tea cups, even rode it two times. My son laughed the whole time while Grandpa went pale. When you see advertisement for the Tea cups they have always been out in the open and these were not. They were definitely old and not a lot of leg room for a family of 3-4.
Nothing more than a dated version of your usual spinning tea cup ride found at almost any other park. The Alice In Wonderland theming does not really lighten up the experience. On the other hand, Disney was one of the first to ever include this ride in its parks, so it might be considered as a classic.
Beware there is a sudden loud and scary BANG when the ride comes to a stop.
My kids love it but I usually sit this one out. Your average spinner that can be found at most any carnival, fair, or other amusement park.
I liked the ride, though the duration was very short. I think the ride ran for about 1 minute last week when I visited Florida but for a Tea Cups ride I was happy - 5/10
Fun time not the best but fun
Not good for people who is not good with spinning!
A great classic!

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