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This show, inspired by the Pixar Animation film Monsters, Inc., offers an improv-style comedy show in the old Timekeeper/CircleVision theater. The show uses unseen live voice actors to overdub the on-screen monsters, allowing them to target selected audience members for jokes. Sit near the center aisle if you want to improve your chances of getting on screen.


I love this show. I find it to be one of the most underrated experiences at WDW. Monsters doesn’t draw a lot of guests (since the shows are so long it often comes close to filling up its seating area) and it’s not at all popular with Disney fans. It seems most people take issue with its location rather than the substance of the show, though. Substantively, I think the Laugh Floor fires on all cylinders, with great guest interaction and humor that appeals to a wide range of audiences. It’s repeat-ability is high, as the jokes change depending upon the audience. I can understand shy guests not liking this attraction due to uneasiness about being picked on, but otherwise, I think Monster’s Laugh Floor isn’t praised nearly enough for its great humor and interactions. It's such a clever, well-thought out show that everyone should end up enjoying. 8/10
I feel like this is funnier than it should be, maybe I just love corny jokes but this show has me laughing from start to finish every time I go and see it.
It really depends on who is in your audience, but it usually is better than expected. The late night shows without the kids sometimes get a little more funny!
While it may seem lame, and the Tomorrowland placement is a bit baffling, the Laugh Floor is an experience you don't want to miss. This show uses a really cool technology that allows guests to interact with characters on the screen, and it is really, really cool. In addition to that, the show is actually very funny. You'll be laughing ridiculously hard at the monster's lame jokes and their vague understanding of the human world. What's even better is that every show is different, and the guests interviewed change the content of the show for each viewing, making it worth seeing again and again. One of my favorite experiences in the Magic Kingdom, don't miss it.
A great show for the whole family. Interactive, funny, and cute.
It's a must every time we go so funny ! 9/10
Another wonderful show. My 2 year old niece, who loves Sully and Mike loved it! I like the audience interaction and of course Roz is a trip! My husband was That Guy once, but it was before they had the shirt. Wish he would get it again, so I'd have an excuse to buy it for him!
A comedy show should be funny, this isn't.

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