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Board a flying pirate ship for a trip through the skies above London, before setting off to Never Land to follow the adventures of Peter Pan, Wendy, and the Lost Boys.


Great ride, and a classic. One not to be missed- assuming you can get a fast pass...
This ride won me over after riding it again recently. It is what it is, and it is cute in that sense. I just couldn't help but be filled with childlike wonder. It could certainly be better. With Shanghai showing the potential for Fantasyland dark rides, this could use more to it. I think a DL level refurb is a good place to start. I just think that with waits being so crazy it just isn't quite worth it. 7/10
I was really excited for this ride. For some of the longest waits in the park, it must be good, right? It was disappointing. It was very slow, the scenes weren't impressive, and the ride was SHORT. I wouldn't wait a long line for this.
Good show & music but nowhere near the attraction level of ET which is a very similar ride. A Disney classic that needs updated. But the new queue is excellent. It's actually better than the ride itself.
OMG this ride is amazing. Really you look down and you feel like your fling. The rails don't show and the structures are so life like this is a must do.
I´d really love to see an update on this ride in therms of technology, considering what they have done with Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.
A magical, joyous piece of storytelling; one of my favorite rides anywhere.
Always popular for the right reason.
This is one of my favorite dark rides, mainly because I like the idea that you are suspended, instead of riding on a track in the ground. Flying ships are so cool. My 2 year old niece really loved it, and enjoyed seeing the story of Peter Pan. I think her favorite part was the!

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