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Space Mountain

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller Coaster
Minimum height to ride: 44 inches

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Guests board sleek rocket trains with single-file seating and blast off on an adventure through space in this indoor roller coaster. The ride was refurbished in 2010 and now offers some additional on-ride effects, as well as games in the queue to help you pass the time while you await your "flight." Space Mountain is not a fast coaster — the top speed is only around 28 mph — but it is twisty, with over 3 Gs in lateral forces on some whippy turns.


GOOD: Very thrilling and intense, being a tight roller coaster in complete darkness. Has excellent theming in the queue, loading area, and initial lift hill. Solid length too. For a bobsled-style seat, it's pretty comfortable. Love the light tunnel on the first curve.
BAD: Not really much to say here. Maybe have a little more "space-ness" in the actual roller coaster part, with some hovering fiber optic stars or something, rather than just complete darkness (could've called it "Dark Mountain" and it would make as much sense). As good as the themeing is, can be slightly outdated in parts, though that's part of the charm as well.
OVERALL: Easily one of my favorite rides of all time. Not quite perfection, but really darn close. 9/10
The GOOD: Great ride with great drops. Most thrilling ride at Magic Kingdom. A must for the teenagers. The seats are very comfortable.
The BAD: It is a little jerky, and the line is terrible once you get to the weaving portion.
RATING: A must-do and a great version of Space Mountain. 9/10.
This ride is another one of Disney World's all time classics. As you step into Starport 75, into that iconic dome, you are whisked away on a family friendly coaster ride through the inky blackness of space. It's rather tame by coaster standards but is wickedly fun to ride, because of the sudden dips where you can get a bit of airtime. I will say it's a rather rough ride that could use a little refurbishment, but it's an icon of
This thrilling coaster is pure fun. Seriously, I think this is the most pure fun you can have at WDW. It's just full of excitement and nostalgia. This ride has some awesome theming, an amazing, thrilling blast-off tunnel, and sounds to enhance the experience and makes it feel like you're zooming through outer space. It's queue is one of the best as it has some interesting post-show scenes in space, and fun games. The big drops will take your breath away, and every turn, twist, and hill will surprise you. I just love everything about it. The dome is ginormous and there is so much space around you, that makes you feel all alone in space, that's just awesome. The best part is the airtime on this ride, it literally feels like you're out of control and flying out of your rocket! However, it loses a few points because it of some flaws that can't compare to Disneyland's perfected version. California fixes all the problems with this one including no music, a rough and bumpy track, single file seating, and overlays. Besides that, this ride is by far one of the best at the resort and is definitely for all thrill seekers! 9/10
This is my favorite Space Mountain.
I will say this is the most pure fun to have in WDW. I just can't get enough of it. The ride is not only one of my favorite rides at WDW, but it is among my favorite roller coasters. It just brings me that unmatched childlike happiness. The dome is huge and impressive enough to feel almost like space, and the roller coaster has some fantastic airtime moments as well as a feeling of being out of control. I just think the whole experience is one of the best at WDW. 9/10
This ride is one of the most entertaining ones at the kingdom , it has really cool theme in the beginning and once you start going it doesn't stop, and it's awesome.
One of the best rides magic kingdom.... Cool theming very nostalgic feeling when I ride this.
2nd Best Coaster in the Magic Kingdom. 10/10.
It's one of the best rides at WDW. The coaster itself could use some re-tracking or maybe a redesign to make it less rough. But this version does have some nice turns and some very good Disney theming. I especially like the newer loading station designs, the light tunnel after the first drop, the background music in both the queue and during the ride and also the butler at the diorama at the exit. Rating: (9/10)
From the horn solo as you enter the queue to the Horizons butler in the exit, this ride is pure WDW nostalgia and excitement for me. My favorite ride at WDW, hands UP!
The best ride in the Magic Kingdom.

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