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Stitch's Great Escape reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Stitch's Great Escape, a animatronic show in Tomorrowland at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. (The minimum height to ride is 40 inches.)

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Theme Park Insider Editor
Posted: December 16, 2013

The story behind this attraction takes place before the events in the movie Lilo & Stitch. Guests enter the Galactic Federation Prisoner Teleport Center, automatically becoming new recruits in a volunteer guard program. After an explanation and demonstration, we're taken to a high-security chamber to guard a new arrival: Experiment 626 (aka Stitch). Naturally, the security systems aren't enough to keep the creature contained, and chaos ensues.

Total darkness, biurnal speakers and in-seat water and air effects play with your senses as it seems that Stitch is climbing all around you. Keep in mind that this isn't the happy, nice Stitch from the end of Lilo & Stitch. This is the mean, nasty Stitch from the beginning. With these somewhat intense special effects, this attraction leaves many little ones crying in terror, which is why it's consistently the lowest-rated attraction in the world on ThemeParkInsider.com. But among those who appreciate irreverent mayhem, Stitch has its fans.

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It's okay. The short lines should tell you that it's a miss 6/10 Wall-E ride ?? - Owen Scott

When will Disney get it right... ALIEN ENCOUNTER WAS RIGHT - Jaiden Cohen

when the lights went off i thought it was going to be boring but when it started i knew i was right - luca ferracuti

The first two scenes were alright, but I spent most of the show looking at Stitch's behind. Also, be warned, this gets dark. Little children were crying when the lights were out. - Jeff Krinock

This attraction is an example of audience identity crisis. Is it for adults or for children? The answer is neither. In an effort to update the attraction, Disney lost both audiences and now the experience is a wasted effort. 1/10. - Nick McKaig

I hate to give anything related to the Stitch character a poor review, but this attraction doesn't earn anything more. While it has an okay pre-show for fans of the character, the ride is poorly conceived. It's a sensory-style ride/attraction that involves most of your senses. Unfortunately that means you will be smelling an awful Stich burp, and getting your hair uncomfortably ruffled by the character as well. The ride itself is boring and unengaging. The only redeemable factor is Stitch, that is if the attraction doesn't turn you off to the character as well. 3 out of 10. - Joshua Bixler

In an earlier review of mine I stated that the new and "improved" Test Track was the biggest head scratcher the mouse has come up with in the past 15 years. I only stated that because I had forgotten about this piece of dreck. holy cannoli is this juvenile claptrap awful. The fact that it was made years after the Lilo And Stitch hype had died only adds insult to injury. Why oh why did they replace the only adult themed attraction left in the park (Alien Encounter) with this pit of excrement? Why, to sell more Stitch dolls at the gift store exit. If your little rugrat actually wants one of those after going through this landmark of corporate greed then you failed as a parent somewhere down the road. - Eric Zaldivar

Bring back Alien Encounter! - Mike Brilhart

This was our first ride ever at Disney World and if it was up to my 7 year old it would have been the last one. I would not recommend this ride for children because you sit in the dark for most of the show and stitch plays tricks on you. It is loud too. Adults maybe bored with the ride and most children in the room was terrified. However, it was a great idea for a prequel, but when you have a movie aimed for kids the ride should too. - Meg T.

When reading the other reviews (not only on this site) I come to the conclusion I might be the only one who actually enjoys this attraction. Maybe that's because I never had the chance to ride the original version. It consists of two pre-show rooms which get you in the mood for the final show perfectly, the technology and the attention to the details are even outstanding in my opinion. The show itself features an more than outstanding animatronic of Stitch himself and some slight scares as well. If you're unaware of what's about to happen it's even a little bit thrilling. On the other hand, it might have been a lot better in the past, I can't tell. But for me it's a must see every time I visit, it IS a one of a kind experience (Good or bad is for everyone to judge). - Chris W.

0/10! This really is bad! It is so mondane and has no life. I felt something on my feet then some laughs then the show ended! Get rid of it!!! - B Higgins

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