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Swiss Family Treehouse

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 6 out of 10

Walk-Through Exhibit

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Inspired by Walt Disney’s 1960 movie, Swiss Family Robinson, The Swiss Family Treehouse is the first attraction you’ll encounter when entering Adventureland from Main Street USA. The Treehouse is a single-file walk through the elaborate treehouse built by the castaways on the branches of an enormous (man-made) Banyan tree.

Unfortunately, many guests mistake the treehouse entrance for the line to the Jungle Cruise, which is actually farther down the path to the left. They leave happy to have walked through the most elaborate queue ever, but turn mad when they learn that they haven’t gotten any closer to getting on one of the Jungle boats. (Don’t be like them.)

The treehouse is a fun diversion for kids, especially older-elementary and middle school students who know the Swiss Family Robinson story. Wait to visit until later in the evening, when the sun goes down and the crowd diminishes, so that you have time to linger, allowing your imagination to come alive in the shadows.


Eh. It's just a big tree with some rooms located around it. Nothing too special and not a good way to rest your feet. There are lots of stairs, and I feel like all you really need to do to enjoy the tree is look at it. Then move on to something more fun.
Overall - 4/10
Such a waste of time. If you like walkthrough attractions give it a try, but don't feel bad if you passed it up. This tree needs to be cut down.
Lots of stairs.
About as amazing as a walk through can get. Ever since I was a child, the treehouse in the movie and then in the parks sparked my imagination. No, it's not a ride, but if we want to talk about complete immersive environments, this is it. It's so tangible, with the size, the action of climbing so many steps, even the flora adds a legit tropical smell to the air. It doesn't take much time to experience, but it's worth at least 15 minutes of your time.
This walkthrough attraction is of course no highlight, but do it, if you have some spare time. It offers a self paced one way walkthrough through an awesomely detailed and atmospheric tree house. Especially if you are running from one highlight to another, this is an excellent break to catch some fresh air while you still have this "different world" feeling.
If you read the book, this is what it probably would have looked like! Kids would love this.

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