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The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

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This indoor ride is a journey through the pages of a Winnie the Pooh book. You ride in "hunny" hives, gently bouncing and gliding through the Hundred Acre Wood on your way to a special birthday celebration.


This ride is definetly a must do while in Magic Kingdom! People of all ages will enjoy this ride. Winnie The Pooh is an adorable, fun, and amazing ride. Not only is the ride itself purely charming but the queue is one of my personal favorite parts. This includes interactive activities amd things to see while waiting in line to aboard the ride. Although this ride may not be as superior as other parks such as Disneyland this will leave a mark in your experience. I have so many memories with my family from this incredible ride! Overall, this ride is one of my top picks and I for sure reccommend this attraction to everyone especially families with small children. I rate this a 8.5/10
This is the best Fantasyland dark ride in the MK. This ride is sooooo nostalgic for me and I have so many memories going on it with my family since I was just a little kid. What's amazing is that it's still charming, enjoyable, and timeless. Put it simply, Pooh is a classic. This ride just brings me back to my childhood and when everything was just simple as a kid with a big imagination. The ride itself is super cute and kids will absolutely love it. The queue is absolutely adorable and I love walking through it and looking at all of the detail. One of my favorites are the little bumble bees with honey pots that can move along with you as the lines slowly moves forward and the falling honey walls where kids can brush away the honey and see what lies behind. Rabbit’s Garden is also abuzz with lots of hands-on activities that are sure to capture the attention of kids. All of these elements add up to a fun way to pass the time which is why it's a great "experience." It really feels like your in the 100 Acre Woods, I just love it. The effects and scenes are all solid with the blustery day scene made well done, the brilliant bounce with tigger (my favorite part) scene, and the Huffalumps and Woozles part is super cool, and it ends with a party and Pooh with his favorite honey. That's when he's smiling and you will be too! While it's not perfect as Hunny Hunt in Tokyo, the nostalgia and charm of this ride can't be denied. 8/10
I love the story Winnie the Pooh. Both my 3 year old granddaughter and I were very disappointed with this ride. It would be better to make it more like the Frozen ride and tell part of the story - and with much better effects.
My favorite of the dark rides in MK's Fantasyland. It has a lot of nostalgia for me, and that is the main reason why I love it so much. For me, it just brings me back to childhood, but the actual ride is a 7/10
This ride is very very cute, I love the slow dark rides with top notch theme , this one is one of them 8/10
After riding Tokyo's, I can't experience any other Pooh ride.
Interesting queue, nice details, and entertaining scenes make this a decent dark ride.
A great children's ride with a wonderful interactive queue.

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