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The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Roller Coaster
Minimum height to ride: 38 inches

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Visitors sit in mine cars that sway on a twisting track in this musical roller coaster adventure featuring Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Two outdoor segments on this gentle family roller coaster bracket an indoor section, where you will see the Seven Dwarfs working in their jewel mine, before Doc calls the crew to head home to the tune of “Heigh Ho.” Then it’s back outside, where you pass the Dwarfs’ cottage on your way back to the station. You can see Snow White dancing inside the cottage before you get a glimpse around the corner, where the Wicked Witch approaches the door, ending this otherwise joyful adventure on an ominous note.


The ride is broken into distinct parts. First, the rollercoaster with the twists, turns,and expected drops. This was family fun. It's not designed to be extreme, so don't expect it. Then there was the amazing animatronics Disney is known for. Just wonderful. The last rollercoaster portion and the bigger drop and twists. Finishing the ride was the fantastic cabin scene.

Our entire party enjoyed the first rollercoaster portion, but was completely thrown off with the animations portion. Yes, it was great, but it seemed like many pharmaceuticals were used in designing this ride. It just didn't work together. Give us the rollercoaster OR the 7 Dwarfs, but not on the same ride. The designer had to be on something.

Hey, 7 thats all you give it, a 7 out of 10. Just shameful this ride is wonderful. The landscaping is gorgeous, and the ride is smooth and fun. It's also not some fast made coaster. It shows that they took time, and it payed off. I noticed Disney World ride are almost all in the seven range. And a lot of people write Universal is better. But thank of this Disney rides are classics. Just like I don't think when I go to Orlando oh I want to ride the Hulk. I think something like I want to ride the Pirates of the C. Give Disney a break their a classic.
It was underwhelming. The roller coaster portions aren't that thrilling but alright fun. It is the dark ride portion that is the star. Imagineers showcase the best animatronics at WDW, but the section is also so short. An extra minute of roller coaster or an extra dark ride section would have helped the ride tremendously. For now, it's only alright, and it is certainly not worth the waits it gets. 7/10
While not the most exciting coaster, this ride will make you feel like a kid again and leave you with a smile on your face.
I wanted to be blown away. But I just wasn't. I love that the cars swing, but the ride wasn't really thrilling. I shouldn't have expected it to be thrilling. THE RIDE IS WAYYYYYY TOO SHORT! The animatronics are amazing and the ride is just left me wanting more. I would not wait in the standby line, it's not worth more than a 20 minute wait. Nothing will ever replace 1971 Snow White ride, now THAT I'd love to get back.
There's not much new to say about the ride, because the consensus is exactly right: Good ride, great theming, lines too long, ride too short.

The animatronics are what makes this ride so worth seeing - they make you feel like you've actually taken the ride into the classic cartoon.

It was better than my expectations. The setting is quite beautiful and the ride is entertaining. The scene in the mine is priceless, projections, animation & music. "But" and it's a big but, the ride is extraordinarily short, which really detracts from the experience. Great for a fastpass but not worth waiting in this attraction's very long lines.
GOOD: This feels like a really good beginning to a really great ride. Unfortunately, it leaves you wanting more, and not in the good way Space Mountain does. While you're riding there's no complaints, but as you sit in at the last brake stop before the station, you realize that you really didn't ride much at all. We were lucky to wait for only 15 minutes since the ride had just reopened after a stall earlier; wouldn't wait its average wait time.
I have to say I was really let down on this one. After waiting for more than two years for this ride, I finally was able to ride it, or attempt to ride it I should say. I am an above average person in height(6 ft 6 in) and the bar would not even go over my knees and absolutely no leg room whatsoever. The cast member kicked me off the ride, without even an apology. I have always believed Disney has outstanding customer service, but no in this instance. I really wish Disney would make at least one mine cart that is for tall people, because I don't think they took that into consideration at all.
Try this attraction at night, that is the best ride experience. We rode it three times, and our only regret was not squeezing in at least one more ride through!
Good, but overestimated!
If you love animatronics, run don't walk to get in line for this. I mean literally, as the lines are quite long! The mine train features Disney's most advanced animatronics yet which raise the art to new heights of realism and storytelling ability. In fact, I predict that the projection-face type of animatronics seen in this ride foreshadow the kinds of robots that we'll all be working with soon. I've seen the future and this is it! Not a thrill ride by any standard but still a blast for all ages, and the ride queue is full of unique Disney magic and Easter eggs. Get your FastPass+ now!

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