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Tom Sawyer's Island

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Cross the Rivers of America on a short raft ride over to this wooded play area. Unlike other attractions in the park where you're sitting and watching, Tom Sawyer Island is basically a massive playground where kids can blow off any extra energy they have. On the island, you can imagine you're playing with Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher from the Mark Twain classics: Explore the two caves, climb up the hills or scramble across the barrel bridge. Go ahead and let the kids get lost. It really is an island — there's no other way on or off, save for the raft, so the kids aren't going anywhere.


When it gets crowded at MK, this is my favorite escape! It never has a crowd or wait for the rafts. You can do so much. Rope bridges, caves and tunnels, search for paintbrushes, watch out for intruders from the lookout tower, barrel bridges, explore the fort, and see all kinds of interactive surprises! There's so much to do here!
A well-themed, immersive, vast play area. Fun things include a barrel bridge, caves and a hunt for Tom's paintbrush. Definitely a good place to go for a midday break to let the kids release energy.
Magic kingdoms hidden gem!
Hope in never goes away!
This is my hidden gem in the Magic Kingdom! I love going through the caves and playing in the fort. Also have a special place in my heart for the barrel bridge. Many guests don't even give it a second look. But it's just the one place in Magic Kingdom where you can just play and have fun. This is the place where I feel like a kid again!
All ages should enjoy this! Its like a mini scavenger hunt!
We enjoyed this a lot. Captured our childhood days. Stop and play checkers in the fort. You'll always remember that.
A nice adventure on slower days.
Hmmmm....very interesting playground, i found the paintbrush and my family got ourselves fastpasses for Splash Mountain!

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