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Town Square Theater

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 5 out of 10

Meet and Greet

Robert Niles

Photo of Town Square Theater

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Published: February 15, 2015

This is the place to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse in person in the Magic Kingdom. Expect a long wait, but when it's your turn, your party will be escorted into a private room where you'll get some alone time with Mickey and Minnie. There will be a photographer there to take your picture, too. (You can buy the Disney photo, but they'll be happy to snap a shot with your camera, too. This is true of Disney photographers throughout the resort.) If you get lucky, you might get one of the talking Mickey Mouses (Mickey Mice?), who can carry on a conversation with you and the kids, instead of simply miming, as all other theme park cartoon characters do. The talking Mickey began appearing more often in the Magic Kingdom in 2013, but isn't "official" yet, so most visitors continue to get the traditional, mute Mickey.

Emily  Kramer
A fun place to meet characters, but beware long lines.
travis traymoore
Preferred toontown fair, but glad to see they made good use out of the old, near decrepid, exposition hall, would have like more theming as opposed to a large area of switchbacks
Ridiculous wait times to get pictures. It always says 5 minutes outside but it's about 40! Get a FP if you're really bothered. 1/10

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