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All Stars Grill

Counter service

Last edited by James Rao
Dine-in, air-conditioned, sports themed restaurant with counter service and big screen TV's. Overlooks the drop on the Viking Voyager log flume. Serves typical sports bar fare including Buffalo Wings, Nachos, Cheeseburgers, Chicken Sandwiches, and Italian Steak sandwiches. Portion sizes are good. Only restaurant in the park that offers a 15% Season Passholder discount.

Alcoholic beverages are served here.

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Reader reviews of All Stars Grill

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I got a chicken sandwich with potato chips. The sandwich was good, but a little small to split between two people. They give you a ton of chips though! At first I didn’t like the chips, but then they got very addicting. Also, they had the NYG vs NYJ preseason football game playing, and it was great, with touchdown after touchdown. The restaurant has a great environment and nice windows overlooking the flume. 8.5/10 - Jake Jones

I took James's advice and had the nachos. They were very good and I recommend them now as well. - Carl Stovall

The best place to eat at Worlds of Fun. Nice setting, A/C, lots of sports memorabilia to look at, and a lot of seats with good viewing of the Viking Voyager (would that it were a better ride to watch!). Have had the nachos and the chicken tenders and thought they were both very good. The nachos were made up of ground beef, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and a spicy cheese sauce. A good portion of salsa and sour cream is included, and the chips are a variety of colors - which is a nice touch. A couple orders of nachos is more than enough to feed a family of five. The chicken tenders are heavily breaded and fried, but tasty. The prices are par for the course at an amusement park, but with a 15% season passholder discount, not too bad overall. Definitely a place to stop and rest on a hot day if you want better than average amusement park food. - James Rao

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