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Cyclone Sam's reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Cyclone Sam's, a spinner at Worlds of Fun. (The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.)

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Posted: May 1, 2010

Cyclone Sam’s is a themed dark ride. There is a pre-ride waiting area with a couple of TV monitors to set up the experience. The attraction itself is a standard Chance Morgan Wipeout ride sitting on a black top, surrounded by special effect props and a strobe light or two.

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I enjoyed the ride but theming was awful 7/10 - Owen Scott

World's of Fun own attempt at a dark ride, but it is after all just a wipe out in the dark. It is still a fun, enjoyable ride with the strobes, wind effects, and being in total darkness. - Ben Pope

Cyclone Sam’s is a valiant attempt at a themed dark ride, however it fails on so many levels that it is hard to like the attraction. The pre-show waiting area has a couple of TV monitors to set up the attraction, but the volume is so low, no one can hear it – not even if you strain. And the attraction itself, once you SLOWLY make it in, is nothing more than a standard Wipeout ride on a dodge ball black top, surrounded by special effect props about as good as those found at the local city theater. Oh yeah, it also has a strobe light or two. Yippee! Having said all that, Cyclone Sam’s is a better attraction than it should be, just because it is in the dark and has a slight theme. It would be nice to see the special effects, queuing area, and ride itself upgraded with a strong attention to the details of the theme. But no matter how well the theme is upgraded, the ride will still just be a Wipeout in a barn. - James Rao

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