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Prowler reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Prowler, a roller coaster at Worlds of Fun. (The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.)

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Posted: September 20, 2011

An $8 million GCI wooden coaster added to Worlds of Fun for the 2009 season. Features include: 3074' of track, 85' first drop, 51 mph top speed, high-speed terrain hugging, banked bunny hills, and a banked S-curve. Utilizes two Millennium Flyer trains with 24 riders per train.

Prowler was the recipient of Amusement Today's Golden Ticket for the Best New Amusement Park Ride of 2009.

Additionally, Prowler took second place in the 2009 Theme Park Insider Best New Attraction voting.

It is currently the 10th highest rated wooden coaster on the planet according to Amusement Today (2011).

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Readers' rating:

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One of my favorite woodies 10/10 very smooth - Owen Scott

The ride races through twists and turns smoothly with a good bit of airtime. Much more fun than what it appears to be in a POV video. As mentioned, really good night time ride. Increases the sensation of speed and the ride is in complete darkness away from other attractions at the park. The first time you ride is especially exciting because you are unable to see the track in advance so the whole thing is a surprise. (9/10) day and (10/10) night. - Lexi R

This should be your top priority at Haunt. Sit in the back for best experience. 10 at Haunt/regular night and 9 at daytime. - Zachery Macha

This coaster is smooth as silk, and fast as lightning. It hugs the terrain and turns on a dime, sweeping through the course effortlessly. While Prowler is not the longest, fastest, or best wooden coaster I have ever ridden (the Voyage at Holiday World still holds that honor), it is an excellent ride. Be sure to ride this coaster at night because there is complete darkness after the lift hill, which lends itself to an amazing "midnight" ride - the best ride in the park. All coasters should be in the dark. Period. Disney knows this, why doesn't everyone else? - James Rao

This was a fantastic woodie. I like that it's not your typical big hill coaster--it provides the thrills with twists and turns. You get some good air time too. I hope this one stays smooth when it ages a little more. 9/10 - Blake Nieman

This is the best ride I have ever ridden, and one of the best ones in the park! It is both smooth and fast throughout the entire ride, and has lots of sharp turns. Even if you don't care for wooden roller coasters, you should at least give this ride a try, with it's smoothness and how quick all the turns are. - Jake Gould

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