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Timber Wolf

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 5 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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Dinn Corporation wooden coaster. 4,230 feet of track. 95 foot first drop. Top speed about 45 mph. 560 degree helix. Opened in 1989, the Timber Wolf was rated as high as #14 on the Golden Ticket list of best wooden coasters (1999). It has since dropped out of the top 50.


Rider beware: the Timber Wolf is a very rough, painful, and slow wooden coaster. I hate to call for a dismantling of a coaster in a park with too few already, but this neutered dog either needs the "Texas Giant" treatment, or the scrap yard. 1-Pathetic.
6/10 I like it but it's had its run and it's very rough
Maybe upgrade it or replace it with a nice speed coaster like maverick or cheetah hunt ahhhh if only
The helix section is boring, but there are some great airtime moments on this ride. I always make try to get the front seat, it offers the perfect level of the rough and out of control feeling without it being too much. When I do ride in the back, I admit it is rough.. But it does not leave me hurting or anything like that. I enjoy it but I know it is too much for many riders. I really hope when the end of Timber Wolf's lifespan comes that they give it a Texas Giant instead of dismantling it!! Call me crazy, but when the ride is running well it might be my all time favorite. Weather really changes the ride's performance. Depending on the day the Timber Wolf could be anywhere from a (6/10) to a (10/10)
Poor Charles Dinn. In 10 years most if not all of his coasters will be gone and the longest line for any of his is 10 minutes. 10 minutes walking through empty queue and thinking "why am I doing this?" once strapped in. His designs aren't bad but they're all so rough. Yeah, I'd like to see Texas Giant style on all Dinn coasters. Timber Wolf is really rough. It's far from my favorite but not my least favorite either.
Better than Prowler in my opinion. The bumps provide extra fun but the slow helix is boring but the drop following is fun. 8/10
I love all variety of roller coasters and I was excited to ride this wooden roller coaster at Worlds of Fun, but this was not an enjoyable experience. I knew I was injured before the ride ended. It was intolerably rough. My body was constantly tossed and slammed against the person next to me and the cart itself. It was a painful ride for both of us and immediately following the ride we both got headaches from the aggressive jostling. The next day? Bruises on my back and sides from the Timber Wolf. I can't believe this ride is operational. It is only a matter of time before someone has a serious spinal injury on this ride. Both of us are in pain today from being slammed around on that coaster. AWFUL.

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