Robert's Tour, Part One -- Six Flags Magic Mountain

Slather on some sun block, chug down a water and get ready to broil as we look for an open ride at Six Flags' 'extreme park.'

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Published: July 12, 2004 at 5:29 PM

Valencia, California -- When the traffic's light, there's no easier city in America to drive through than Los Angeles. Freeways stand six to sixteen lanes wide, ready to guide you to any point you want to go in the metro area. And when rush hour traffic clogs those arteries, smart drivers can whip through the city on the right choice of surface streets. Friends refuse to believe me when I tell them I had a shorter commute living in Pasadena and working in downtown Los Angeles than I did when I lived and worked in Denver, Omaha, Neb. or Orlando.

Which brings me to how I pulled into the parking lot at Six Flags Magic Mountain waaaay too early this morning. If half an hour from the southeastern corner of Pasadena isn't a record for a semi-law-abiding driver, it ought to be. Guess nobody commutes *to* Valencia, eh? Still, a few dozen other cars beat me into the lot. And by the way, I've never before been handed a hotel chain's national directory and road atlas upon forking over my parking fee at a theme park. Welcome to Six Flags: let the corporate tie-ins begin!

Typically, an early arrival puts theme park visitors in place to knock off two or three of a park's most popular attractions before enough other visitors make their way through the park to build up substantial lines. No more than a dozen people stood in front of me in the season passholder's line, and I took time to chat with family from the Bay Area, who were looking forward to getting a up ahead of the crowd to ride X. And so was I, though, given Magic Mountain's track record, I knew better than to get too excited.

Why the season passholder's line, when I don't have a pass? That's the line you use if you buy a one-day ticket online through It's a great deal -- I got my ticket for half-price, and skipped the ticket lines I'd have had to wait in to use the current buy one, get one free (or half-price for a single visitor) Coke can deal.

Ten 'o clock finally arrived, and we rushed through the gates on our way to X. Why, I have no idea. You guessed it.

Closed. For how long? "Could be a while."

Okay, then let's dash over to Deja Vu.




Riddler's Revenge?


Batman? Colossus? Scream?

Closed. Closed. Closed.

It's 10:20 a.m. and the back side of Magic Mountain's filling with bewildered thrill seekers, searching desperately to find any ride in this joint that's open. I hear rumbling overhead and see a test train climbing up Goliath's lift hill. A few run toward that coaster, but I know Goliath does a relatively high capacity and won't build a nasty line until much later in the day. I decided to take my chances with Batman and Riddler's and wait to see if one of them opens soon.

Two minutes later, I see a train go up on Riddler's. And with people on it! So I dash that way, getting aboard the fourth train out at a little past 10:30. In the park half an hour, and I'm just getting on my first ride. Not a good sign.

At least I am on, though. The ride? Well, can I talk with the fellas for a moment? Just skip to the next graf, ladies, and I'll get back with y'all in a minute... Good. Now, guys, this is a standing coaster, so do take a moment to, um, adjust things before snapping down that shoulder harness. You'll be flipping up, then down, six times on this glorified bicycle seat and you do not, repeat, do not, want to be landing on the family package each time. Two guys in the row behind me did not heed the advice and stumbled off the coaster like they'd been rochambeau'd half a dozen times. Which... they had. Thank you for listening to this public service announcement.

Now ladies? Thank you, and let's get back to the review.

Riddler's Revenge is all about inversions. You get six of them on this smooth Bolliger & Mabillard stand-up coaster. My first time on a stand-up left me a touch apprehensive, as I felt like I had less control than I did sitting on a traditional coaster seat. But you do have a bicycle-style seat underneath here and the ride ends up feeling much like a dirt bike ride amplified to 11 and beyond. Riddler's also dives into a few trenches on its final corkscrews, a nice touch that I wish more coasters would employ. I know that digging adds a few bucks to the budget, but I appreciate a ride that plays and interacts with its landscape, rather than simply skimming above it. Even the loading area offers some nice, though light, theming.

TPI reader John K warned that Riddler's runs with just one train these days, and as I exited, I glanced back to the entrance where a sign announcing a wait time from that point -- "3 hours" made me very glad I'd gotten this one done early.

By now, a quarter 'til 11, several rides were actually running. I walked on to Scream and got my first chance to revisit this ride since its media preview over a year ago.

When did this ride get so rough? The smooth B&M floorless experience that I immediately loved on SeaWorld Orlando's Kraken is gone now, replaced with a persistent jerkiness that robs Scream of its remaining charm. The sparse parking lot setting had put this ride at a disadvantage from the beginning. Now, a year older and bumpier, Scream simply failed to entertain me.

So I trudged up the hill toward Goliath, dripping sweat as the temperature in Valencia climbed towards its forecast 100-plus degrees. I noted a cooler of Arrowhead (an official Six Flags corporate partner! Natch) through the window of a food court next to Goliath and resolved to chug a bottle and rest after my next ride.

This Giovanola megacoaster offers no inversions -- just a soul-crushing 60-degree, 250-foot initial drop and speed, speed, speed after that. I had to grab the sides of the seatback in front to steady myself as the train plunged from a dead stop at the crest. Kudos, again, to the ride's designers for not rushing us over that hill. Height like this on a lift hill should be savored a moment, allowing the fear, even terror, to build. Of course, if you keep your eyes open and your focus ahead on the track, it's not so bad. Goliath offers up a few more pleasing hills and valleys before squeezing your skull in a final helix before the station. Plenty of riders have reported blackouts around the curves, and I felt my right eyeball contracting toward my nose as we spun around. But I recovered quickly, and felt no ill effects on my way out the exit.

But it was time for that water.

I can't stress enough the importance of staying well hydrated before, during and after a theme park visit. Especially to a park as broiling as Valencia's Magic Mountain. I ordered the 24 oz. ("small") Arrowhead and sat down in the air-conditioned food court to cool down.

By the way, I wouldn't dream of ordering anything more complex than water in a restaurant dubbed "Food, etc." That's some confidence in your cuisine there, Six Flags. The place advertised sushi, in what I hope was merely some post-modern attempt at ironic humor. Surely, no one's would ever order sushi at a Six Flags food court called "Food, etc." Right?

A phone call from a reporter extended my break to 20 minutes, which was probably for the best, given the increasing heat outside. So let's take a break from the coasters, and try Magic Mountain's Log Jammer flume ride.

The first line of the day did not deter me, nor did the feared "We're sorry, but this ride is experiencing technical difficulties" spiel five minutes into the wait. Logs started moving again within another five and ten minutes later I was on board.

Log Jammer's pastoral setting reminded me of the charm this park once offered when it was a Valencia developer's answer to the Orange County theme parks, and not an Oklahoma company's vision of an "extreme park." This traditional flume ride lacks the story and songs of Disney's Splash Mountain, or even a few topiaries or rough-cut wooden statuary to liven up the views. But it does glide across the Samurai Summit hilltop at a brisk clip, and drop riders down a two-part splashdown at its end. It's a refreshing break from the coaster dips and flips.

But it is one of the few breaks that this park offers. Part of the charm of Disney's and Universal's parks is the variety they offer riders throughout their visit. Hit a coaster, a flume ride, a dark ride, then a show. Ride outside, or in. Need an attraction that's cool and dark in the midst of a broiling day? They've got it.

Six Flags... doesn't. Yesterday, we celebrated Natalie's seventh birthday with a cake and candy for her and her friends in a local park. In youthful days, before my metabolism died, I fantasized about spending the day eating nothing but cake and sweets. Variety in taste and texture meant nothing to me. Heck, as a kid I'd never dream of reading Ruth Reichl or Sherry Virbila's opinion on food when all I wanted to do was scarf down some more cotton candy.

So, ultimately, what I have to say about Magic Mountain doesn't matter. This is a park for amusement park fans who want hear a one-note song. Ride outside, all day long, from one heels-over-head thrill to another. Pacing, rhythm and style mean little to Magic Mountain's target audience. So why bother trying to analyze this park like a show? It's not. It's the carnival midway, not an artist's modern, interactive entertainment production.

So be it. Forget ride strategies. Forget concepts like narrative and theme. Just bring some friends, get there a few minutes after the park opens and go on what you can. Eat as much ice cream and ride as many coasters as you can stomach. Then call it a day.

And after a trip to Colossus and Batman, I did.


Don't bother trying to be a door-buster. Despite the posted 10 a.m. opening time, many rides don't open until 10:30 or later. So take your time getting into the park in the morning. (But do get your tickets in advance, as the ticket booths here are notoriously slow.)

If you *must* ride X, wait there when you arrive until it opens for the day, even if that means blowing an hour or two. But if you are willing to sacrifice that, plenty of other rides will be operating with little or no wait for the park's first two hours.

Drink plenty of water the night before, the morning of and throughout the day of your visit. Keep drinking it after for a few hours, too, as your body won't want to stop sweating for a while. The heat in Valencia in summertime can kill you. Literally.

I can't offer you any food advice, because even Magic Mountain employees urged me to eat outside the park. Given the oppressive heat, I recommend taking off by 1 p.m. for a leisurely sit-down lunch in one of the many chain restaurants in the area. Then head back to the hotel for a nap before returning to the park in the very late afternoon or early evening. Of course, if you're a thrill junkie kid, you're not reading this site and you're gonna ride all day until you're crispy and dizzy anyway.

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  • Readers' Opinions

    From steve lee on July 12, 2004 at 10:04 PM
    Well, I know who I'm nominating for this month's trip report.

    Sounds like a lousy day, Robert. Your writing style makes it sound a heckuva lot better than that, however.

    From Derek Potter on July 12, 2004 at 10:36 PM
    Nice review. Just as I suspected, MM still sounds like a fourth rate thrill park. If rides are all they have, than at least have them all running. It's also rather sad that employees suggest eating outside the park. That shows something about the food and also the employees belief in the company. Hope you have better luck with the rest of the parks.
    From Ryan Williams on July 12, 2004 at 11:08 PM
    Wow, another bad review for SFMM... will it ever stop? That one train crap on Riddlers needs to stop, now! That ride is one of the most popular rides despite its age, and averages more riders per day then Scream! usually has. I myself, have gone to SFMM many a time and have had nothing but fun, but hey i havent visited any other theme park so i have nothing to compare it to. Sounds like you didnt ride too many coasters. was it busy or something?
    From Chuck Campbell on July 13, 2004 at 4:54 AM
    PKD was running two trains on their stand-up, Shockwave, last Sunday. This is the first time I've noticed more than one train on that sucker in three or four years.

    Sounds like the food and service haven't improved at MM since I last visited the place, back when the Revolution was their new, cool ride and you could hear KISS pumping out of eight-track tape players from the Trans-Ams in the parking lot.

    From Ben Fitzgerald on July 13, 2004 at 10:13 AM
    Once again another bad review for SFMM. Oh and robert, is MM still as dirty as it was last October? BEcause if it hasn't improved im not going to waste my money on a dirty park any more. Oh yea, and the fact that it has nothing but roller coasters, and nothing the rest of my family can ride (besides my dad). So if hasn't changed then im not going to reccomend MM to anyone.

    Im totaly oblivious to all this. Somebody needs to talk to the president of SF. Or anyone offical to MM, because if nobody does, then i think SFMM will never be fixed back to its former glory.

    From Derek Potter on July 13, 2004 at 12:09 PM
    Ahhh, I've seen that crappy old KISS movie that was shot at Magic Mountain. Kiss Meets The Phantom of the Park, such a classic. If you ask me, Revolution was the best actor in the movie.
    From joe simons on July 13, 2004 at 6:36 PM
    Sounds like MM hasent changed much since the last time I was thair in december. im suprised that MM was so bad this far into the season. when i went two years ago in june all the rides were open. x and flashback were the only ones closed and goliath had a delaid opening.
    From Chuck Campbell on July 13, 2004 at 7:35 PM
    MM seems to be quite a draw for crappy movies--anybody ever see Hulk Hogan in "3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain"? The Revolution gave a pretty nice performance in "Rollercoaster," too.

    Well, I guess Hollywood needs to shoot in some amusement park, after the loss of the Long Beach Pike (used to such good effect in "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-up Zombies").

    From steve lee on July 13, 2004 at 8:04 PM
    I think Islands has given the best on screen performance, even if it was in a stinker like House on Haunter Hill. I think Universal uses some of the footage the filmmakers shot for their commercials.

    Magic Mountain isn't in all bad flicks, though - wasn't it used in National Lampoon's Vacation?

    From John K on July 13, 2004 at 10:35 PM
    Some rides may open late, I don't know why it surprised you. Most ride operators are not scheduled to come in until 9:30am. Here's why they say "we don't know how long it'll be" in response to your question how long will it take??, mechanics want to make sure "block" checks are done right, they dont know how long it'll take because what if the picks up an error in the system during the block check, now you go to finish the block check after you fix the error. Block checks usually takes 10 min. Be patient...Magic Mountain will be heading in the right direction. After all we are still doing our job, which is protect YOUR SAFETY and that of others. All those rides were opening late, they were'nt all closed, I was there that day and the closures for the day were Superman and Flashback.

    Now with this $5.6 million lawsuit...tell us what do you think if the security at Six Flags Magic Mountain??? Were there improvements that you noticed or no???

    The recently wai time for Riddlers Revenge despite one train is 2 hours, I know what sign you're talking's been saying that for months

    Stay tuned for my report: Knotts Berry Farm...I'm very excited to go there, haven't been there in a decade-and-a-half

    From Robert Niles on July 13, 2004 at 10:53 PM
    Late openings are example of the MBA mentality that's infected too many theme parks -- Six Flags, Universal and Disney all included.

    You figure that it takes guests a few minutes to get to the attractions on the back side of the park. Fine. So your managers decided to squeeze a couple bucks out of the operating budget by having those ride ops come in fifteen minutes later.

    That works, without complaints, so the next year, when the managers need even *more* savings to statisfy their bosses, the openings get delayed 30 minutes. And a few more attractions, closer to the front, get included.

    Pretty soon, the posted opening time is meaningless, as attractions are opening at irregular hours all over the park. And ride ops and managers alike are left to wonder why the once-popular park is pulling in fewer than 10K on weekdays and is off 20K from seasonal highs a decade ago.

    Well, it's caused the park jerked around its customers by not opening the park -- the entire park -- when the park said it would! Those customers are now spending their $100 a day elsewhere.

    (This goes for Disney, Universal and Six Flags, too, so don't any single reader take this personally....)

    From John K on July 14, 2004 at 8:21 AM
    As of right now, Magic Mountain is pulling in around 12K weekdays, 16-18K on weekends. It's true but it's still nothing, we only had 16,000 on fourth of July. The monday after 4th of July we got 20, day weekend was around there too. Otherwise it's been a real embarrasment for attendance. I'm pretty sure (despite high prices for each park) but DCA and USH are probably having record-breaking seasons on attendance because of their new attractions, while magic mountain will get one next year. SFMM had a big year in attendance for 2001, wih the debuts of X and DejaVu and (kiddie coaster) Goliath Jr.

    Last year we had a somewhat decent year in attendance, 15K/16K weekdays. Fourth of July we had 28,000. Most weekend last averaged around 22K-25K

    Keep this embarrasment year of attendance, then Six Flags should sell another park.

    Fact: if we get a paid attendance past 5,000 then we make profits, below 5,000 we lose money. Unfortunately, the company sends two-thirds of our profits to Six Flags Mexico City because they don't get a lot of people going to that park.

    doesn't that tell you something....SELL SIX FLAGS MEXICO CITY

    From Marco Sierra on July 14, 2004 at 9:52 AM
    eh! What do you expect out of a park that always has a deal going on where you can get in for under 25 bucks. Also, I can't believe that Flashback and Psyclone haven't been shut down for good. Those rides are real health hazzards.
    From Keith Hasted on July 14, 2004 at 2:42 PM
    Does anybody know if Superman will be open in September? I missed out in 96 when it was supposed to be open
    From John K on July 14, 2004 at 3:41 PM
    Hey Marco let me update you, (not being a jerk...but) it looks like you don't know what's going on at SFMM this year. Anyways..FLASHBACK HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD. Psyclone is open
    From Chuck Campbell on July 14, 2004 at 4:13 PM
    Steve Lee wrote: "Magic Mountain isn't in all bad flicks, though - wasn't it used in National Lampoon's Vacation?"

    Hmm--I stand by my previous statement. But I do admit to liking "Christmas Vacation," Steve.

    From John K on July 14, 2004 at 4:18 PM
    Today was my day off, and I decided to go and see if this criticism about SFMM was true, so I went and tested these rides and it's lines.
    From 10-1:30 I got on 7 of the 14 opened coasters, log jammer and rapids.
    From 10-11:30AM I got on 4 of them and rapids

    first ride was X, closed for 10min then opened and I was one of the first in line.

    Next was Viper, 10 min wait.

    Rapids was next, that was a 20min wait.
    Next was Ninja, no one waiting, got on.

    Then came Scream but before that I relax and rode the bumper cars in which there was no line for that and Scream.

    Colossus was on again.

    Goliath was after that...5 min wait

    Took a break again due to the heat, rode the Buccaneer and Swashbuckler.

    Then came Log Jammer and Revolution.

    all that in 3-and-a-half hours. Half of the 14 available coasters, 2 water rides, and 3 fun rides.

    I don't know what happen to Scream but I got a migrane on the it sooo jerky now. I totally agree with you on that, Robert Niles.

    Nothing could beat X's first drop....friggin AWESOME!!!!!

    Colossus is not for tall people, dont touch the lap bar while riding. I was ridng and (CLANK) the lap bar jammed my legs.

    Since I' an employee I only get free admission that's all, I don't get and I dont want free front-of-the line passes, I don't mind waiting in line, If I'm there not working just for fun, I should follow our own rules and I will.

    so I'm back to this point where I don't know what to say about all this criticism.

    I had a chat with a father and his sons and the father told me that he went on 13 of the 14 available coasters without using Fastlanes YESTERDAY...that's right..NO FASTLANES

    I could say is I don't believe the critcism, but I don't know whether it's true or not.

    From Marco Sierra on July 14, 2004 at 5:08 PM
    No John, I haven't been to Magic Mountain this year. I'm glad they have taken that ride down for good. Also I agree with whoever said Scream sucks. I went on it when it was a month old, and it was already bumpy.
    From Ryan Williams on July 14, 2004 at 5:53 PM
    SFMM is not as bad as readers think. I have gone there even on a weekend and have been able to ride alot of coasters
    From Keith Hasted on July 15, 2004 at 2:24 PM
    Looks like Im just going to have to go and see how busy it is
    From John K on July 15, 2004 at 4:55 PM
    I strongly recommend going on a Wednesday and being a doorbuster, getting there early
    From John K on July 15, 2004 at 10:24 PM
    the other day, I found this website (Ididn't make this up) but it somewhat funny

    yet it's also very interesting about the history of Magic Mountain.

    Im not saying nor Im not trying to prove that you ugys ask the dumb questions, but its common questions because most people don't know much about the park, but sometimes its funny

    From Keith Hasted on July 23, 2004 at 4:10 PM
    Looks like Im going to be at MM on September 17th, hope all the rides are open, after a long journey, Liverpool (Eng), Any advice on times to get there etc?
    From John K on July 23, 2004 at 6:52 PM
    dont go on the 17th if want to stay late, go on the 18th or 19th. On the 17th SFMM closes at6, closes at 10 on the 18th, and at 8 on the 19th. As of right now the following rides are closed: Flashback, superman, and now Log Jammer (log jammer maybe only this week). I don't know what rides will be closed in Spetember, Superman should be open by then.

    Ofcourse get there early. Make X your first ride or your last ride. After your first ride, go on soething like Viper and then maybe Goliath, hit up Batman and some wet rides around that time too. Ofcourse eat lunch!!!
    After that, relax and do some little fun things like The Center Ring Games and/or Mining Town Games (near Roaring rapids), bumper cars/sandblasters, Buccaneer and swashbuckler, climb "the wall" near Riddlers Revenge.

    After doing all the little fun things it should be around the evening/late afternoon. Ride some more coasters like Scream, colossus, Riddlers, Psyclone.


    Right now Coca-Cola has a deal going on, buy one adult ticket get one free. Try to get special discount.

    WHATS NOT ALLOWED IN SFMM is outside food, pocket blades/knives, weapons, pepper spray.


    From Keith Hasted on July 25, 2004 at 1:57 PM
    Thanks John, helpful info!
    I want to really go on a week day after all the stories ive heard about the weekend. Dont want to risk not getting on anything, although i suppose if the park is open later I would have more of a chance to ride everything. As long as I can get on the rides I havnt been on Ill be happy, Goliath, Superman (doubt) X Scream, Riddlers, Deja Vu
    From Ryan Traylor on September 1, 2004 at 11:37 AM
    any news about Superman opening back up? i've got a season pass and plan on returning this weekend possibly, but only if Superman is open, cuz it won't be worth the crowds if it's not
    From Robert Niles on September 1, 2004 at 2:01 PM
    A TPI reader reported last week that Superman is back up.
    From Phillip Jarvis on September 28, 2004 at 2:09 AM
    Hello Robert,
    I find your style realy really captivating ! I'm trying desperately to get some figures about MM Los Angeles ; how long did it take to build ? how much did it cost etc etc.
    I'm working for the Cannes (France) Municipality , and am interested in the possibility of creating a MM
    in the hills behind Cannes.
    Would you by any chance have any idea on how I might get that info ??
    Many thanks for your help, and if ever you come to Cannes..... I'll be your guide.
    Take care keep up that great work,

    Phillip Jarvis

    From Brooke Bowrey on October 8, 2004 at 4:15 PM
    gr8 review!

    can anyone give me any tips for visiting magic mountain in early to mid december?

    what are the crowds like can you tell me if lots of rides will be open or cloded?

    thanks heaps!

    From Keith Hasted on October 8, 2004 at 6:00 PM
    Well I finnaly visited SFMM in September, and all i can say was "it was frigging awesome"
    got there at 10.15,
    1st ride X 40 mins (1 train)
    2. revolution 5 min (1 train)
    3. deja vu 5 min
    4. riddlers.walked straight on (2 trains)
    5. batman. walked straight on (2 trains)
    6. Scream. 5 min (front)1 train
    7. Superman. walked straight on
    8. Ninja. walked straight on (1 train)
    9. colossus. walked straight on (1 train)
    10. Goliath 5 min (1 train)
    11. Viper walked straight on
    (2 trains)
    So what can I say, all that worry over nothing, I went early got on everything I wanted to go on, and got sunburnt!!! X had to be the best of the bunch, although Deja vu was just pure class.
    Couldnt believe how quiet the park was, i would definaltely recommend a weekday in september
    From Brooke Bowrey on October 8, 2004 at 8:37 PM
    wow sounds like u had a gr8 day! glad 2 hear it! hope i have as much luck as you!
    From Adam Villani on October 18, 2004 at 12:06 PM
    Man, I gotta try a weekday next time I go.

    To answer Philip's question, here's a website with a lot of info on the history of MM:

    Basically, it opened in 1971 as part of a plan by the developers of Valencia (a large suburban development, now part of the City of Santa Clarita) to have something different in their town. At that time MM didn't cover as much territory and, most surprisingly, only had one roller coaster, the Gold Rusher. The Revolution (1976) put them on the map, as it was the first modern coaster with a 360 loop, and then Colossus (1978) cemented their position as a rollercoaster leader. Since then they've added new coasters and a few other rides every few years. But it was certainly a very different place when it opened.

    From John Kendall on October 18, 2004 at 5:20 PM
    kevin becomes another one of millions of satisfied people visiting magic mountain
    From stevo McCartney on June 17, 2005 at 5:18 PM
    sorry your review is biased. Who over the age of 17 likes disneyland more than six flags? All the childish rides come on! Six flags magic mountain is the best six flags in america, and probably always will be. The people that complain about the rides being bumpy, or the lines being to long are just a bunch of f###### babies. You go to six flags to enjoy insane ride after ride, not to hold hands with mickey mouse! If you are a thrill seeker like me you will agree. Roller coasters are soppused to be bumpy. Why are you even going on it if you want a magic carpet ride. Everybody should be aware this is not a lame kiddie park like disney land but like they say an "extreme park". This is a place where the rides are designed to make you hold on for dear life and scream bloody mary. If you cant handle a few bumps or sharp turns that make your head bang a little please stop complaining to people that enjoy that kind of thing. this review is very misleading. I went fourth of july weekend and the lines werent 2 or 3 hours the only line that was 2 hours was deju vu because it had just opened. The only ride that was closed was x for repair. Six flags magic mountain is a terrific park, ITS NOT JUST ROLLER COASTERS. please stop complaining everybody it is a big waste of time.
    From Robert Niles on June 17, 2005 at 9:45 PM
    "sorry your review is biased."

    Wow. You wrote that?

    From Jamal Deemer on August 8, 2005 at 9:05 PM
    Despite the bad things I have heard about SFMM, it really wasn't that bad when I went. It was actually pretty good. The longest line was Deja Vu and that was a little over an hour. The food also isn't as bad as the review says. I ate at some place behind the superman tower. The food there was great. There were single, double, and triple burgers that come with great fries and there's also chicken I think. I dont't understand many of these complaints since there are lots of great coasters, a few good water rides, good food, and it's an overall good place to spend a day.Just make sure to go on a weekday if it's summer time. By the way, I didn't find Scream to be bumpy at all. It was pretty smooth. Bumpiness seems to be made into a bigger problem than it is. As long as you prepare for the bumpiness it's not that bad. The only bad bumpiness I had was psyclone. Other than that, all the others were acceptable as far as bumpiness

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