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I love riding rollercoasters. Though i'm only 14 I have my parents drive me up there and come back and pick me up. I am old enough tho stay alone. They also leave me with $150, to spend on ride photo's, soda [I drink about 25-40 cups of it a day at King's Island], and for lunch, and for rides you have to pay to ride, and lastly to bail my self/friends out of King's Island jail. That has happend before to my friends before so I bail them out. [lol Just kidding about the bailing out part were good kids] I am going to ride worlds fastest [Ring Racer (135mph) in Germany] and the worlds second fastest [Kinda Ka (128mph) in NJ USA] steel roller Coasters. I have already rode the worlds fastest wood roller coaster the Son Of The Beast.

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