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I heart theme parks... like a LAWT!!! :-) I'm a total dare devil & I'll go on about any ride. Big drops are my specialties!! hehe. My fave park is Disneyland cuz it has excellent theming, yummy restaurants, & awesoem rides. Plus, it has a magical feeling & i LUUUUV it!! But 4 scary rides, I'd go w/ Six Flags Magic Mountain. My 4 fave rides are Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, X2, 7 Tatsu!!Gatta luv coasters!! :-D

Your Favorite Things, Quiz!

Favorite Band: Rascal Flats
Song: Firework
Movie: The Clique
Book: Pretty Little Liars
Concert you've been to: Cheetah Girls/Hannah Montana/Everlife
CD: Teenage Dream (by Katy Perry)
TV show: House of Anubis
Hobbie: Figure skating
Place to shop: Love Culture
Place: Disneyland
Game: Just Dance 2
Place to eat: The Elephant Bar Wok Kitchen/Global Grill
Food: Steak w/ mashed potatoes & gravy and a biscuit
Color: Royal purple
School Subject: Film Studies
Animal: Toucan/Crocidile/Firefly/Dog/Horse
Article Of Clothing: Harvard vintage burgundy pullover
Radio Station: Radio Disney
Actor: Brad Kavanaugh
Actress: Lucy Hale/Jade Ramsey/Ana Mulvoy Ten/Sasha Piertese
Kind Of Chip: Kettlechips
Drink: Grape juice
Soda: Dr. Pepper
Holiday: Christmas/Halloween
Scent: Tommy Hilfiger's True Star
Number: 4/7/12
Word: Pine
Disney character: Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck
Pizza Topping: Cheese/Canadian bacon
Cereal: Life/Trader Joe's Vanilla Oat Clusters
Gum: Trident
Candy Bar: Hershey's
Magazine: Teen Vouge/People
Salad Dressing: Thousand Island
Thing to do on the weekends: Watch movies in my PJ's w/ my BFFL (Autumn)
Friend's House: Autumn
Person to be with: Autumn
Season: Winter
People to talk to online: Marlena
Journal to read: My friend's!
Slurpee Flavor: Blue raspberry
T-shirt you own: Disneyland
Person to talk to on the phone: Autumn
Sport: Figure Skating

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