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Mr. Sekuler while at universal studios to report that we and around 85 other people were on the middle escalator going to lower level when it broke and people tumbled all the way from the top to the bottom smashing into the people on the floor at the bottom. We called 911 as universal staff did nothing. Several people were badly bleeding and injured. Guest relations did nothing to ease the pain of those hurt and would not even refund us our 3 annual passes that we had purchased 2 hours earlier.my husband hit his head and he has seizures but still jumped over people along with his brother to help the injured. There were several injured people who left the scene dazed. I am a therapist and atempted to get them to wait for medical attention. I am so upset that this park and the staff in guest relations christy, stephanie and joseph were unsupportive towards us and refused to give us our money back. We purchased 3 annual passes along with 3 all you can eat at 19.95 i have those receipts. We were there 2 hours when we were part of this tramatic incident. We did not even get to use our food passes as my husband felt dizzy and wanted to go home. We waited for medical attention for a while before we went to the guest relations. I am asking that you refund our money for passes and food vouchers as the least you can do for us as we were part of this. If we are stiil denied our rights to have our money refunded then we will be left to seek legal actions against this park which we would prefer to not do. I can give you descriptive accounts of those badly injured to prove that we were there and on that escalator.
thank you april g.

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