Worlds of Fun

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Location: Worlds of Fun is located off Interstate 435 in Kansas City, Missouri.

History: Worlds of Fun opened on May 26, 1973, at a cost of 25 million dollars. Loosely themed around the Jules Verne book, Around the World in Eighty Days, the park was founded by Kansas City visionaries Lamar Hunt and Jack Steadman of Hunt Midwest Enterprises, Inc., and designed by Randall Duell.

In 1982, Hunt Midwest introduced an adjacent waterpark, Oceans of Fun.

In 1995 Hunt Midwest sold Worlds of Fun to Cedar Fair Entertainment Co., who currently owns the park.

Hours: Worlds of Fun is open from April through Halloween.

Tickets: Buy and print online. Always try to buy your tickets in advance, to save time when you get to the park.

Reservations: Worlds of Fun does not offer any type of Fastpass or ride reservation system.

Strategy: As with any amusement park, arrive early (at least :30 minutes before opening) and hit the headliner attractions first (usually roller coasters).

Voted one of the top new coasters of 2009, WOF's Prowler is the hottest attraction in the park. However, it needs a little time to warm up, if you ask me. Instead of making a beeline for Prowler, head to the Patriot first (front row only). Following Patriot, head next door and hit Spinning Dragons, then work your way back to the Prowler. After riding the Prowler, there is only one marquee coaster left, Mamba. Hit it next. If the park is not very crowded you can ride Boomerang (perhaps you are one of the few who have not had a chance to ride one of the 50+ Vekoma Boomerangs operating in the world today?) on the way to Mamba. After riding Mamba (a couple times) head back to Americana for a ride on the old and painful Timber Wolf (if you don't mind the chiropractor bills).

Once your coaster circuit is complete you can back track hitting the midway attractions you like most. Some rides that stand out a little bit are Cyclone Sams (just because it is in an air conditioned building), Fury of the Nile, Thunderhawk, and Zulu.

Plan on re-riding your favorite coasters again after dark as several of them (Prowler, Spinning Dragons, and Mamba in particular) offer excellent night rides.

New For 2011: Worlds of Fun's current Camp Snoopy area received a complete makeover and transformation to Planet Snoopy. This revamped kiddie area is highlighted by a new balloon tower ride, a pedal helicopters attraction, and a Zamperla spinning tug-boat ride.

Additionally, the park restored and renovated a 1926 M.C. Illions Supreme carousel, previously of the chain's Geauga Lake park. It is one of only two of its kind operating in the world. -- Last edited by James Rao on April 21, 2011

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