The Crypt

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An ancient themed top spin ride which was formerly known as Tomb Raider: The Ride. After Kings Island was given to Cedar Fair, the rights to the Tomb Raider movies vanished. This meant if any of the original music and details had something to do with any of the Tomb Raider movies, they must be taken away. That is also why the name had been changed to The Crypt. In the original ride, riders waited in a mysterious cave queue which was where you watch a short pre-show before getting on the massive gondola. You were raised up and a God holding two gems for fire and ice encountered you. The gondola hurled you towards piercing icicles. Than you were warmed up upside down over bubling lava and finally you encountered an erupting volcano until the ride ended. On Janurary 20th, The Crypt was removed from the park's website. No official announcement of it's closure had been made. Then, on Feburary 14th, Kings Island confirmed the removal of The Crypt for the 2012 season via Twitter. A new Halloween Haunt attraction would take it's place.

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