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This attraction is closing permanently on the 31st of March2013

AVPX (short for Alien vs. Predator vs. You) is a themed indoor laser skirmish attraction. It is the biggest indoor laser skirmish attraction in Australia.

Guests are admitted in groups of 30 into one of three Weyland Industries Briefing Rooms. The guests are asked to stand by a weapon which determines their teams. Half of the group will be infected humans, with the other half being normal, uninfected humans and sometimes a third faction, Predators. After watching a small preshow, guests are then told the rules and how to use their weapons. The group is then moved from the Briefing Room, down the Ice Tunnel to Antarctica where the Aliens and Predators await. This is the final room before the main arena. Within this room guests are told that the situation past this point is volatile.

The main arena is 650 square metres and can be divided into three sections:
A two story Temple
A Queen Alien Labyrinth
An enclosed Sacrificial Chamber

To earn points players must shoot those from the opposite team. In addition there are objects, such as Aliens, Predators and eggs. Guests must also watch out for return fire from various places around the arena. The arena features doorways which lead to the Temple and Sacrificial Chamber. Red lights illuminate these doors and remove points from those who cross, while green lights signify that the doorway is harmless and can be entered. -- Last edited by Nathan Alexander on March 6, 2013

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