Kings Island

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Location: Kings Island is located north of Cincinnati, just off I-71. You can obtain driving directions by clicking the Kings Island link on Theme Park Insider's Google map of U.S. theme parks.

History: Kings Island opened in 1972, boosted by "product placement" in Partridge Family and Brady Bunch episodes. In its first few decades, the park became known for hosting many prototype rides and coasters. These included The Bat, King Cobra, and Screamin' Demon, among others.

Hours: Kings Island is open from April through Labor Day, reopening for Halloween Haunt in late September through early November.

Tickets: Buy and print online. Always try to buy your tickets in advance, to save money and to save time when you get to the park.

Reservations: There is no ride reservation system. Nor are restaurant reservations available in advance.

Strategy: As with any amusement park, arrive early (at least :30 minutes before opening) and hit the headliner attractions first.

Most visitors tend to begin the day with Diamondback then work counter-clockwise around the park hitting the main coasters as they go. Use that tendency to your advantage and head left toward Coney Mall. Ride Firehawk first (because of its low rider capacity) followed by Flight of Fear, Racer, Back Lot Stunt Coaster, and Vortex. Now you can tackle the lines at the Beast and Diamondback (which has a single rider line if you are traveling solo). Finally head down to the Action Zone where you can hit Flight Deck and Adventure Express.

Once your coaster tour is complete, and you have ridden the family coasters, midway rides, and water attractions that interest you, visit the Eiffel Tower for some nice views of the whole park.

Park admission also includes access to Boomerang Bay, a 15-acre Australian-themed water park.

2011 Changes: Kings Island is adding a towering new ride in 2011 called Windseeker. Think of a two-seater waveswinger ride, mounted on a 300-foot tower. That's Windseeker, a $5 million ride from Dutch manufacturer Mondial. -- Last edited by James Rao on September 17, 2010

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