Busch Gardens Williamsburg

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Location: Busch Gardens is located in Williamsburg, Virginia, about 10 minutes south of the city's historic core. You can get driving directions by clicking the Busch Gardens link on Theme Park Insider's Google map of U.S. theme parks.

History: Busch Gardens opened in 1975 as Busch Gardens: The Old Country. It also has been known as Busch Gardens Europe. In 2006 and 2007, Theme Park Insider readers voted Busch Gardens in Williamsburg the world's best theme park.

Hours: http://www.buschgardens.com. Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is open daily from late May through Labor Day, and weekends from late March through Halloween.

Tickets: Buy online. Always try to buy your tickets in advance, to save time when you get to the park.

Strategy: As with any theme park, arrive early (at least :30 minutes before opening, tickets in hand) and hit the headliner attractions first (coasters). Once the coaster tour is complete, make sure to hit Curse of the DarKastle as it is a uniquely themed dark ride similar to Universal's Spider-Man attraction.

2011/2012 Updates: Busch Gardens Williamsburg has announced a two-year capital expansion plan that will be highlighted by two major new attractions.

Coming in 2011 is Mach Tower. This free-fall tower will lift riders (seated in a 30 person, rotating ring around the tower) nearly 250 feet in the air, perform several surprising maneuvers, then free-fall at 60 mph to end the adventure.

Coming in 2012, park engineers will build an electromagnetic multiple-launch roller coaster on the former site of the Big Bad Wolf. Officials have said it will be a unique experience and a high speed thriller truly worthy of BBW's hallowed ground. -- Last edited by James Rao on September 22, 2010