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Example Branson

Thruout the Year over 100 Shows are taking Place in Branson. Like in Pigeon Forge with many different Showtimes thru out the day including Mornings. At least one late as 22:30
2 days Branson is actually too short.
I personly think I pick The Duttons and Shoji Tabouchi.
But in this Teaser Article I like to lead you to an absolute AMAZING Production: Moses!

I'm not so much in this Christian Stuff. What is facinating me here is the high technical EFFORT that is putting in this Show.

See yourself:

For time and money Reasons I will not see it, but I have seen a Show like that near Carowinds (you get Discount with CF SP) The only Themeparks getting in my Mind at first that can competite at this technical Scale are the Disney and Universal Parks together with Efteling followed on a bit lighter Scale by Busch Tampa, Phantasialand and Europapark

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