Italian Job Stunt Coaster debuts at Paramount's Kings Dominion

May 25, 2006, 10:17 PM · So, what happens when you cross the special effects and excitement of a Hollywood stunt show with the intensity and thrill of a roller coaster? Kings Dominion hopes the answer will be Italian Job Turbo Coaster, the newest addition to the park, and the Virginia park's 13th roller coaster (including Flight of Fear, which has not operated this season). The coaster boasts three launch sections, which propel the cleverly designed trains- themed to look just like real Mini Coopers- through a number of different recreated scenes from the hit movie "The Italian Job."

The roller coaster was introduced with a bang as two stunt drivers burst through banners in real Mini Cooper cars. After some intricate driving maneuvers reminiscent of Lights, Motors, Action! at Disney, Robert Zimmerman, executive vice president and general manager of Paramount's Kings Dominion, was delivered to the podium to declare the attraction open.

Italian Job Turbo Coaster Debuts

After experiencing Italian Job for the first time, having not ridden the Kings Island or Canada's Wonderland versions, I would have to say it's probably not worth running out this weekend, or flying across the country for, but this attraction is probably worth a wait in line later this summer. For coaster fans, Italian Job Turbo Coaster is not going to hold a candle to any of the top coasters in the world. Still, it will satisfy a majority of theme park goers with a well-themed attraction that is intense enough for the teenagers but still tame enough for the youngsters who can meet the height requirement of 48 inches. The ride's short duration and lack of intensity may upset many who may wait in 1+ hour lines, but once the initial crowds die down, the Italian Job Turbo Coaster should have a long and successful run in the park. I would highly recommend a spin in the back seat, which gives riders a more intense, and drier experience. The Italian Job Turbo Coaster at Paramount's Kings Dominion is not going to change the country's coaster landscape, especially standing at a height of only 53 feet, but it demonstrates that a coaster does not need to be the tallest or fastest to be successful.

[Visit our Italian Job Turbo Coaster page for an in-depth description of the ride, plus more photos and readers' reviews. - Editor]

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