Splash Zone?? More like Soak Zone!! Hydro-action Stunt Show at IoA

June 16, 2007, 11:03 PM · At short notice to my long suffering wife, I decided to drag her, in 95 degree heat, to Islands of Adventure today.
Why? So we could check out the all new Hydro-Action Stunt Show, on the Lagoon.
We arrived at the lagoon with 15 minutes to go, every inch of the viewing area already packed with spectators.
We happened to stand just behind the Jurassic Park Discovery Center.
Now, signs everywhere were warning us that this was a splash zone, but being used to these signs at most parks we just though you mioght get a slight misting.

Anyway, the show started, a couple of fireworks went up and then out come 2 ski-boats towing (Can you guess?) a skier each. Great start. Over the jumps they went, a little flip and then a trip around the lagoon. Next came a couple of Jet-Skiers. Fantastic. Fast speeds, quick turns, BIG jumps betwwen wake creating boats. Very impressed.
A few more tricks performed by water-skiers, flips and turns & jumpa galore.
Then the real fun started.
Being in a prime viewing spot, with a commentator at this location (Another one in Marvel Island), it was a natural magnet for the talented jet-skiers.
They came over and decided to demonstrate their splashing skills. With a big audience it was no surprise that there were reasons they'd posted splash zone signs, but this was a big underestimation. The guy on this specific jet ski stood up, turned around and sat on the front, exposing the propulsion jet, then he revved up and it got wet. VERY wet. Everyone in the crowd got soaked to the bone. I'm not talking Popeye wet, I'm talking fire hose wet. A kid sitting on a pillar had to grab on for dear life when his Dad ran off to save his camera. Very funny!

The show continued, plently of drowned people watching, a few more fireworks and some spectacluar stunts and it was all over, way too quickly really.

Now, remember I mentioned my wife, Justine. Well she was complaining a little (Bless her) about being too hot, and how she wished she'd got wet. Well, as people were leaving we went up to the edge of the water and watched the jet-skier across the other side. Suddendly, he looked over at us and came over.
Lets end this by saying that the walk back to the car was a very uncomfortable , sticky wet mess and we both looked like drowned rats.
It was a spectacular show that needs to be seen to be apprechiated, and if you need a cooliong down this is the place to be.


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June 18, 2007 at 5:10 AM · Looks like poncho time when I head down in two weeks!

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