Theme Park of the Day: Tokyo Disneyland

What's new on the discussion board: SoCal vs. Orlando, plus The Onion's new Six Flags roller coaster

April 13, 2010, 2:17 PM · Here are this week's top new threads on the Theme Park Insider Discussion Board. Please click through and add your tips, thoughts and advice!

Tim W is looking for readers to play a game of Theme Park Apprentice

Krissi Tummons is looking for Tips for the last week of May for an Orlando visit.

Steve Ward wants to know When is the best month to go to Orlando?

Meanwhile, Isaac M. asks California or Florida for this Summer?

Derek Morse focuses that conversation by asking about Disneyland, CA for a Florida resident?

Meagan Evanoff is planning a Wedding at Cedar Point is looking for advice.

Melissa Donahue is looking for tips on a First trip to Holiday World...

...And Mike Bianucci asks Why aren't there more hotels in Santa Claus, Indiana?

Rob P asks What Are The Oldest Existing Attractions?

Elissa Dick wants to know about paying for parking in advance when visiting a theme park.

Michael Smith asks if ET -Universal Orlando is the most under-rated dark ride ever?

Finally, here's a look at Six Flags' new roller coaster... according to The Onion.

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