What's new on the discussion board: Disney World in October, and is Legoland just for kids?

September 7, 2010, 10:40 AM · Here are the top new topics this week on the Theme Park Insider Discussion Board. Please click through and throw in your $0.02:

Terri Pierce is planning a visit and would like to hear about Disney World in October.

Stacy Barnes is looking for Universal Island of Adventure Tips for 2-12 year olds. Can you help?

We had so much fun speculating about what Universal would do with Harry Potter - why should we stop now that the land is open? Javi Badillo gets us rolling again by asking Is the Wizarding World of Harry potter being expanded?

Derek Morse is looking for folks' recollections of the Ghostbusters show at Universal Studios Florida.

Daniel also looks ahead to the opening of Legoland Florida and asks, Is Legoland just for kids?

Joshua Counsil considers advances in digital imaging technology and asks about one way that might affect theme parks in Imagineering & You: The Future of On-Ride Photos

Bob Miller wants to know your opinion on What coaster company makes the best coasters.

Bob's also thinking about the future of Six Flags and asks What park will go next

Daniel Etcheberry recalls the old Disneyland ticket book system and wonders What if theme parks charged for every ride again?

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