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Vault TPI: A look back at some of Theme Park Insider's top stories

December 20, 2010, 4:13 PM · As we ease into the end-of-year holidays, I'm feeling nostalgic - so I'm cracking open some rusty old links to some of my favorite pieces from Theme Park Insider's pre-blog era. TPI's front-page blog celebrates its fifth birthday in exactly one week, and these are pieces that ran in our old column section, or on the discussion board.

We'd talked recently about Duffy the Disney Bear and several of us have noted that Duffy's not really new, but just a reboot of the "My First Disney Bear" plush. Well, you can see an example from 1995 at the end of our report about Little Princesses on Parade at Disney World's 'Perfectly Princess Tea Party'.

There's 'Duffy,' peeking out at the bottom of the photo.

As Six Flags looks to begin yet another summer with yet another management team, I like to remind folks that we owned the story about Six Flags' previous owners' financial problems. We were the first publication to break the news that the old Premier Parks team that used to own the chain was facing a cash crunch: Six Flags Looks to Scale Back Expansion.

Later, I wrote Six Flags' New Owners Face a Capital Challenge. Two ownership groups later, the chain's still looking for a successful formula.

Here's another issue we were out in front of: Time for Maximum Size Restrictions?.

Finally, in the spirit of holiday humility, I leave you with my greatest fail: Robert's Jeopardy Adventure. (Though the piece does contain some darned fine advice should you ever find yourself in the presence of the great Alex Trebek.)

Tomorrow, we look back at some of our favorite videos from the past.

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December 21, 2010 at 11:50 PM · I completely forgot you were on Jeopardy. That was a huge flashback.

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