What's new on the discussion board: Don't cross the stroller mafia

April 19, 2011, 1:52 PM · Here's what we're talking about this week over on the Theme Park Insider Discussion Board. Please come join the conversation, won't you?

Bryan Fear is going to wake up one day with a "My Little Pony" head in his bed after starting a thread on The Stroller Mafia.

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Andy Milio asks where you'd want to see a new Universal Studios theme park built If Universal Made a New US Park. He also asks your opinion on Would you want a Universal water park?

Rob P brings up the topic of, uh, less-than-honest cast members in The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth?

Daniel Etcheberry takes more fire than Jack Sparrow stealing a ship with his claim that Pirates of the Caribbean East Coast version is as good as the West Coast version (my humble opinion). Daniel also asks Which is the most impressive theme park hotel?

Joseph Catlett wants to hear your most Whacked Out Ride Ideas.

T Rix and a crew of Australians need help planning US theme park holiday in July.

Mike Saperstein is also looking for some trip-planning help, in WDW Hotel advice needed

Annoyed by Facebook spam touting video to roller coaster accidents? So am I: Bogus interest in non-existent theme park accidents.

Finally, Lauren Hayhurst asks for guidance in Combating the Florida Blues.

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