What's new on the discussion board: Roller coasters and park plans

August 15, 2012, 12:40 PM · Let's kick off this week's Theme Park Insider Discussion Board round-up with some news of a popular Walt Disney World show closing this winter: Festival of The Lion King to move January 2013.

Festival of The Lion King

Fans are talking about the current state of the world's most popular theme park resort in WDW Attendance/Bookings Down.

Looking ahead a couple months, what do you think about visiting Florida in October?

But summer's not over yet. Mike Gallagher checks in with a Six Flags Great Adventure Trip Report.

Speaking of Six Flags, what do you think is the Best way to spend a day at Six Flags Magic Mountain?

It's time for a coaster-by-coaster analysis, in Cedar Point vs. Magic Mountain Part 1

What are some Good names for coasters that have never been used?

Getting back to rides actually under construction, we're talking about Universal Studios Florida's newest in Transformers at Universal Orlando-Bad Idea?

And on the topic of Universal Orlando, What is Universal allowed to do to Marvel Island?

We're talking about another film franchise and its theme park future in 'Predators' and the theme park industry.

You seem to love stories about abandoned theme parks. Share your favorite in Where dreams don't come true.

We wrap up with the finals of our Theme Park Apprentice game. The remaining contestants are designing an "eco-friendly" theme park in Theme Park Apprentice 4: Challenge 11. Check 'em out.

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August 18, 2012 at 2:00 PM · new DVC permenant kiosk going up at EPCOT between path to Le Cellier and the refreshment port. The Steel is showing above the barricade.

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