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May 25, 2013, 8:56 AM · So while our editor Robert's been in Orlando, enjoying his VIP early ride access to new attractions, the Blog Flume Filter's been languishing in his email in box, completely forgotten. That's it. I've had enough. In the spirit of Robert's new-found love for Hyperspace Hoopla, I'm challenging him to a "Blog Off with the Blog Flume Bloggers." Robert's had his go, with all his goodness and happiness and magic and stuff. Now it's time to turn to the dark side of theme park news.

Shanghai Disneyland – There are rumors that a new ride film is being worked on for Soarin' Shanghai Disneyland that would feature an international set of famous landmarks. The rumor continues to say that right after Shanghai opens, the other Soarin's might receive the new ride film as well, sometime around mid-2016. The real question here is whether or not there are going to be other improvements to the attraction. I would think that the new film would be a good excuse to install a new state of the art projection system. There have also been rumors about some kind of tie-in with the Disney's Planes movie, but as I would consider that more of a short-term upgrade than a long-term integration, I doubt they would adjust the ride film at all. And since the best part of the ride was Kronk's preshow, I would be extremely irritated if they did away with that.

Mystoc Manor

Hong Kong Disneyland – For those of you who are interested in track layouts and how ride systems work, the following video plots out where the vehicles are in the ride house of Mystic Manor with a split screen for two different cars. It is purely geekdom, but I have to admit that I already watched it twice.

If that wasn't geek enough for you, Ride Sims already has a Ride Op Simulator for Mystic Manor...feel free to check it out and be completely frustrated by it here:

Marvel Universe – There were some rumors that Disney was trying to get Spiderman back from Sony to include him in one of the future Avengers movies. The co-chair of Sony Pictures emphatically denied that they would ever let go of Spiderman. There is also the regular rumor that IOA is going to give up the Marvel characters…sure…wake me up when Disney pulls out the fat wad of cash. But there are thousands of Marvel characters! So Disney can't use the big ones that everyone already knows about. Big deal. Isn't Disney the single largest promotion vehicle in the world, or not? Get some other characters and make people like them. Iron Man was nobody until they started the current run of movies. Do that, but with other characters. Disney has only about 8,983 more Marvel characters to use.

Alton Towers – The Smiler hit a snag on its media day and stranded journalists on the lift hill for about a half-hour. All I can say is: it's too bad Robert wasn't one of them.

Europa Park – We just got word the this park is working on a new land called Kingdom of the Invisibles with a unique dark ride made by Mack rides (go figure, Mack owns the park). After following up on this news tip we found that Kingdom of the Invisibles has been open for several months already, but no one has been able to find it.

Six Flags Great America – Backwards ride = new ride! At least that is what Six Flags management thinks. Therefore, in addition to Batman and American Eagle running backwards, they say to expect Viper to run backwards sometime in the future. If this gets anymore out of control, you are going to have to drive into the parking lot going backwards and instead of getting a meal at a counter, you'll have to fill a plate yourself, and then turn it in at the counter, which is what most theme park food makes me feel like doing anyway.

Nurburgring – It looks like we weren't wrong when we said that Ring Racer would open this year. It looks to have a scheduled opening date of July 7th.

Dorney Park – The locals (who had absolutely no idea how close their were living to a major amusement park) are now all in a tizzy about fireworks displays every night during the summer. Come on… It's not like theme park visitors are launching garbage in the neighbor's yards…although if they keep making a fuss, I think I just came up with a new attraction for Dorney Park.

American Dream at the Meadowlands – Halle-freakin'-luiah, this park finally made over the biggest hurdle in order to get it back on track despite the objections of the New York Giants and New York Jets football teams. First things first. WHY oh WHY are they both called NEW YORK teams when they both share a stadium in NEW JERSEY? I think I have the answer for this: It is because these two teams are such [obscenity deleted] that they [obscenity deleted] with their [obscenity deleted] that New York kicked them out and told them to never come back. Here is the part that everyone wants to hear: The American Dream complex will have an amusement park and an indoor water park at the very least, not to mention a large theater complex, although I don't know the status on the once proposed indoor skiing facility. The building has been sitting and rotting since the first developer abandoned the project after it was about 75% completed, but the new developer has bigger plans.

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May 25, 2013 at 9:45 AM · Hey, Jeff, it's about (obscenity deleted) time you got your (obscenity deleted) article posted. I have to admit that it was worth it. I really enjoyed the Mystic Manor video, showing the locations of the vehicles throughout the ride. I was surprised to see how small the attraction actually is. Good stuff as always.
May 26, 2013 at 6:34 AM · Yeah the thing about the "New York" Giants and Jets is that they both train and play in New Jersey and their team headquarters are both in NJ. Moreover most of the players for both teams live in NJ. Some years ago the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority painted an outline of the state right in the middle of the then Giants Stadium supposedly to remind national viewers that the stadium is in NJ not NY. That, alas, only lasted a couple of years then poof it was gone. As a New Jersey native, born and raised there, I always thought it odd that both teams call themselves the NY Giants and Jets. But being a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers fan I didn't really care all that much and besides I have since moved, almost 10 years ago, to Orlando. Much nicer here in my humble opinion plus Disney World is a much shorter distance away.
May 26, 2013 at 2:48 PM · I'm pretty sure the indoor ski facility is still part of the project, since a huge part of the building is a slope. They'd have to tear down and redesign a big part of the complex if the ski slope was no longer part of the plan.
May 28, 2013 at 2:58 PM · To answer your question on "Why oh Why are they called a NY team if they play in NJ"? The big problem was that New York City developed too fast around the 1930s to 1950s with its mass transit and rapidly progressive business. Back since the early 20s to the 50s, the Giants and the Titans (Jets) played at the Polo grounds which were getting old around the 1950s. As NY teams started developing, so did the city with no much room to create a new stadium for them. Moving the complex close to the New York Metropolitan Area was the best they could perform at the time. The two football teams have a history playing in New York and still play in the New York City Metropolitan area, hence why they kept their "NY" identity. I've noticed a lot of football fans making this statement as if the Giants and Jets play in Trenton or in the middle of Sussex County (Northwest Jersey). East Rutherford which is the city where they play is only 16 minutes (without traffic) from Manhattan. Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington, TX (going to call them the Arlington Cowboys?) Washington Redskins play in Landover, MD (call them the Landover/Maryland Redskins?) Buffalo Bills play in Orchard Park, NY (Orchard Park Bills?),and pretty soon the San Francisco 49ers will move to the beautiful Levi's Stadium (2014 season) in Santa Clara (call them the...? you get the point). Many of these teams play in their sub-urbanized metropolitan areas close to the city, and the Giants and Jets represent the whole area fan-base which includes North Jersey, SW Connecticut, Long Island, and Southern State NY, not just the city.

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