Enjoy the sights, but watch for the kids, when visiting Legoland Florida with a wheelchair

September 2, 2013, 4:00 PM · Legoland Florida is a nice place to stroll with a wheelchair. The previous park "Cypress Gardens" was a relaxing place to get around with a wheelchair, and that park catered to the elderly which made it much easier to move around. Legoland caters to the very young (3-12 years old) which is more challenging to move around (you just have to stay more alert around you). But not all the park is that way; it kept some areas almost intact from the old days, and strolling around those areas will make you forget that it is a park for children.


One of those areas is the famous gardens that now have the name of the former park. This is located at the end of Legoland. It is a peaceful stroll (I did not see a single kid), but be warned that the beautiful bridges are steep; if you are not sure about crossing them, do the following: when you enter the gardens, make a left to see the Lego Southern Belle sitting next to the lagoon with the gazebo in the background. It is a lovely sight to take a picture of you with the figure. Then return to the entrance and continue to the right side of the gardens where you will see the gazebo up close. If you continue further you will find a jaw dropping Banyan tree; not to be missed. By doing this, you skip two steep bridges. The pathways in the gardens are narrow though.

The centerpiece of Legoland is "Miniland"; this place has wide pathways and it is easy to navigate. You will be able to see every detail from your wheelchair.


If you are a parent with a kid in a wheelchair, none of the rides are wheelchair accessible; this means that you cannot get the wheelchair into the ride’s vehicles. On the other hand, it does not look that hard to transfer them into the rides. It is also worth mentioning that there are rides that are not for kids with upper torso weakness (like the "Royal Joust"). I did not ride "Islands in the Sky" (which gives you a bird’s view of the park), but it looks too narrow to fit a wheelchair; go to guest relations or ask at the entrance of that attraction to see if they can accommodate a wheelchair.

Restaurants and stores at Legoland are wheelchair friendly.

Pack your wheelchair and head to Legoland Florida. Just watch out for those kids.

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September 4, 2013 at 12:49 AM · Good article.

It's something I've never considered before, but I don't understand why Theme Parks don't make all rides wheelchair accessible.

I was just wondering what WDW and Universal are like for wheelchair users. I'd like to think that they better than other places.


September 4, 2013 at 7:02 PM · Daniel, your columns are such a joy to read and I think they are very important. You bring a unique perspective and even when you are writing about problems you encounter you have such a cheerful and positive way of phrasing things. I love seeing a new column up from you because I always learn something. I hope someone sends your columns to the management of the parks because you have such valuable information in each column that I think could be helpful to management to help them understand the needs of their guests better. Keep up the great work!

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