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September 19, 2013, 1:58 PM · Disneyland – The Nightmare Before Christmas seasonal overlay of the Haunted Mansion is now open.

But that is not the only thing to get a seasonal overlay. Oh, no. We have other surprises for you.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom – The Princess Fairytale Hall is now open. I thought the original fairy tales, like the ones from the Brothers Grimm were supposed to be pretty dark and gritty. I think this attraction needs some dark and gritty. How about some zombies? How about zombies with laser eyes and automatic weaponry? And by the way, since there was a comment made last week, I am happy to report that this attraction is absolutely free.

And if you ever wondered how anything gets done around Disney with people following them around with cameras, here’s your answer:

And now that the little girls have been distracted, it is time to move on to the little boy’s distraction:

Disney’s California Adventure – We kind of figured this was coming. The characters from Planes have been added to the Soarin’ preshow.

Limited Time Magic – I think I actually figured out the brilliance of Limited Time Magic. For a while I was hacked off about them putting together an entire year of events that only benefitted people who lived within a couple of blocks from the parks. But now I realize that I was thinking about the situation all wrong. What they are actually doing is throwing everything and the kitchen sink at their adoring fans to see what sticks and what doesn’t. What this has allowed Disney to do is to expire everything very quickly, the great and the embarrassing, and then make notes about what is working and what isn’t. It has been an entire year of experimenting with what they think the crowds might like. Based on the reaction to the Disney Villains party, I think we might see the entire Halloween season taken as a Villains Party. And if that goes over as well as this last Friday the 13th, we can then expect to have the Villain’s Land we have been dying for years to get.

Kentucky Kingdom – Progress is still being made, although it looked like a lot of destruction was underway…

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September 19, 2013 at 4:35 PM · The "Nightmare Before Christmas" thing is just plain awful. I don't know why Disney would do this again. Completely ruined my vacation last year. I was so looking forward to seeing the classic haunted mansion I had heard about for years. Then I get there and see this garbage. Just terrible. I sat with my arms folded, looking away the whole ride. What is the appeal of Tim Burton? Will someone please explain to me? I think every movie he has made is horrible. So he combines a Halloween theme with Christmas, what is the point? It doesn't make sense. It's just stupid. I don't get it at all.

Someone please start a petition to Disney to get rid of this forever. I swear I won't go back if they keep doing this. (And I'm absolutely certain it will be a huge financial blow to Disney to not get my $75. That will show em!)

September 20, 2013 at 12:09 AM · Wow $75,- that was years ago.
I never seen the makeover because they don't do it in WDW but it's supposedly very popular with Disney fans although I don't get it. The only ride that is already "scary" gets a scary make over. Why not put zombie dolls in It's a small world while other dolls are running away in fear or a fun decapitated Wendy with her head bloody in crocs mouth or chainsaw princesses with the heads of their prince on their belt or a scene in Sourin where you hit the flying house from Up and the kid and the old guy fall to their death or we see Nemo floating on his back in the end scene at the living seas so they can call it the Dead Sea or Ellen gets eaten by the dino while blood is plashing around or the Laughing Floor could become a Crying Floor with bad jokes (oh wait, wrong example) or scary clowns at the double Dombo (no that's already there). Anyway Disney could do so much more for Halloween then pimping a already excellent fun scary ride...
So when you have saved up $95 you can come to MK at WDW and see the HM unspoiled 365 days a year.
September 20, 2013 at 2:39 AM · How does someone determine an attraction is "awful" while they sat "looking away the whole ride"?
September 20, 2013 at 6:04 AM · I disagree with your assertion that "Limited Time Magic" was just for people who lived near the parks. I think guests from all over benefited from these special offerings. Sometimes Jeff you remind me of Anton Ego from Ratatouille in that it's like your default setting is not to like something that Disney does and then you only begrudgingly later admit that it was okay. I question whether you are the best source of information on theme parks if that's how you present information because theme parks are about joy and having a fun immersive experience...and I think there is enough sarcasm and cynicism in the world. We don't need to look at theme parks with an automatically negative approach every time. Life is too short.

That said, I loved some Limited Time Magic offerings more than others but I hope they keep doing these. Nothing like this has ever been tried before. There will be growing pains as they continue to think up what special things they can pull off each month. It reminds me a lot of the days when Walt was still alive and Disneyland was young. Have you ever read about the circus he tried to have at the front of the park with live animals? It was a whim, and it didn't last long because it didn't work logistically. There was also the HolidayLand he offered where New Orleans Square is now...and guests didn't like it so they went in another direction.

I think here in 2013 that people forget that since its beginnings Disney has tried different things, tested the waters and market, and then replaced what didn't work. In recent years I think the company has gotten skittish doing anything really new because they're so worried about a misstep hurting the stock price or Disney detractors making a stink over it. Limited Time Magic has been a great tool for shaking things up a little bit here and there, just to give a bit of an experiment into what could maybe be possible in the future.

I love that. And I don't live anywhere near a Disney Park. So Limited Time Magic is not just for the locals like you said.

September 20, 2013 at 6:16 AM · Regarding the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay of Haunted Mansion, I'm not a fan of it either. I wish they would build a year-round HalloweenTown area and permanent Nightmare Before Christmas ride at DAC. I think there is demand for it, and that this would then give DAC a spooky-themed area that would be a lot of fun. Part of Grizzly Peak and Condor Flats could be used to create HalloweenTown and Soarin's exterior could be rethemed to Buena Vista Street as a little airport just off that street, and on the edge of a forest. Have the entrances to HalloweenTown be like you are going through a Halloween tree in the forest, like that clearing Jack discovered in the movie.

I can attest that it's disappointing to come all the way to Disneyland and want to ride Haunted Mansion and find it instead either closed (while they are putting up or taking down the Nightmare overlay) or that you're there to experience this classic attraction and instead it has the Nightmare stuff up. I know that Nightmare is wildly popular with the Annual Pass holders and there is a cult following for it and Nightmare, but it's sad that people who might make one or two Disneyland trips in their lifetime don't get to experience a classic attraction because it has this overlay.

I don't think Ghost Galaxy changes Space Mountain all that much...and that even with the minimal holiday overlay it still feels like you rode Space Mountain after you get off that ride. Same with Small World's Christmas overly. You ride that, and even though it had holiday decorations on it you feel like you were on Small World. I actually think the holiday lights and decorations on that enhance the ride and make it the best time ever to ride it.

But, the Nightmare decorations make Haunted Mansion into a totally different ride for me. I don't feel like I rode "Haunted Mansion" after I get off the Nightmare overlay. I feel sad, actually, that I didn't get to ride mansion. I rode the Jack Skellington ride instead...and I don't like it as much as mansion.

September 20, 2013 at 9:05 AM · I have a feeling Annette and Jeff are going to be fast friends here. :)
September 20, 2013 at 10:42 AM · There are no hard feelings from me to Annette. Everyone is allowed their opinion.

She makes some valid points, but then seems to contradict herself.

My original reason for not liking the Limited Time Magic, was because it appeared to be and is something new every day. There are many things that they did this year that I would have liked to experience, but not having all of the parks in my back yard, I was unable to see them. This is a bit frustrating and the reason for my irritation with it. If this is indeed a trial run of every single idea that anyone had, then it is a great way to judge whether or not items can gain a quick audience. There are several things that they have done this year that were brilliant and need more than just a couple of days next year, and many things that they need to throw in the circle file or massively overhaul.

While Annette defends Limited Time Magic, she also doesn’t much care for what is in essence Limited Time Magic on the Haunted Mansion attraction. With such a long run of this season makeover and wide publicity, I would have to assume that if someone was really bent on seeing the Haunted Mansion in its original form, then one would go to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando where they have not duplicated this particular seasonal event, or go to the park during a different time of year. But once again, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

So far as my “anger” goes. I personally find anger and irritation funny if done correctly. If I just nodded and happily accepted everything that was thrown in my direction, this would be a very boring article. The goal here is to make a fairly boring subject matter interesting and engaging, while maybe stirring people up enough to write something in the talkback.

September 20, 2013 at 11:10 AM · I'm hoping that the Planes thing is temporary. If they ever introduce the characters in the actual attraction, I'm done with Soarin. Planes should have never been in the theaters. Yes it was that mediocre.

As for Haunted Mansion... I may be in the minority, but I actually prefer the overlay. I love Christmas, and I like the look and color of the NBC characters. To be honest, I usually don't even visit the Haunted Mansion any other time. Maybe because I prefer the ultra scary Haunted Houses during Halloween? I don't know.

September 24, 2013 at 12:37 AM · I would think that anyone that is going to spend a buttload of money to go to Disneyland would research the trip before they come. DL does not exactly hide when they are going to have the overlay of the Haunted Mansion running.

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