A video tour of Tokyo DisneySea

September 28, 2013, 12:37 PM · Here's a little virtual weekend getaway for you: a 10-minute video trip to the world's best theme park, Tokyo DisneySea.

Sure, it's Japanese, but it's an official promotional video from Tokyo Disney Resort, and unlike many promo videos from U.S. theme parks, it's not loaded with tight shots and jump cuts that leave you with no sense of the place. From what I can tell, we're following a couple in their 40s who are celebrating their wedding anniversary in the park.

Tokyo DisneySea
Photo by David Weiss

The piece includes some wonderful videography of Tokyo DisneySea, including many wide shots that really help you feel what it's like to walk around this beautiful park. They start by arriving on the resort's monorail (love the Mickey-shaped windows!), then there's a plug for the park's "45 plus" pass, a discounted weekday admission pass for visitors age 45 and up.

From there, we watch the couple walk through the American Waterfront, on the way to a ride on the Raging Spirits roller coaster. (There's some really nice off-ride and POV footage here.) From there, it's back to the Hotel MiraCosta for a special lunch at the Silk Garden Road restaurant. (Okay, they're not taking the most efficient route around the park.) The video also includes shots of Toy Story Midway Mania, Turtle Talk with Crush and a ride on the DisneySea Electric Railway, which allows that absolutely delicious view of Tower of Terror and the S.S. Columbia.

The video concludes with an anniversary dinner in the secret, hidden dining room at Magellan's, where the husband presents his wife with an anniversary present. I noticed that the photos the couple took all day were taken by Disney cast members on the couple's own camera. There's no PhotoPass at Tokyo Disney. But you can print souvenir photos from your own SD card.

Anyway, it's a sweet video with plenty of gorgeous views of the park. Well worth 10 minutes on a lazy weekend.

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September 28, 2013 at 2:18 PM · Looks like fun.
September 28, 2013 at 3:02 PM · Do I see an E-Ticket at the 0:58 point in the video?

The video doesn't do this marvelous park justice. There are so many unique and high quality attractions here that you don't see in other Disney parks. They should give Tokyo DisneySea an Imagineers Unleashed! subtitle.

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