Where to Eat: Lunch at Universal Studios Hollywood's Jurassic Cafe

February 10, 2015, 11:33 AM · Last week we showed you all the construction on the Upper Lot at Universal Studios Hollywood. But today, let's escape all that with a trip down the Starway escalator to the Lower Lot. It's time for lunch at the Jurassic Cafe.

Jurassic Cafe

The Jurassic Cafe offers roasted chicken, burgers, sandwiches, and personal-sized pizza in a basic, slide-tray cafeteria set-up. Prices range from $7.99 for a vegetarian wrap to $13.99 for a turkey leg platter with fries and cole slaw. If you've eaten here in the past, Jurassic Cafe is no longer selling Pizza Hut-branded pizzas, and the Panda Express selections have moved next door to the Studio Commissary.

Cafeteria queue

The space inside the Jurassic Cafe isn't as elaborately decorated as the Jurassic Park-themed restaurants in Universal's other parks, including the Thunder Falls Terrace in Islands of Adventure of the Discovery Food Court at Universal Studios Singapore. You won't find any life-sized dino skeletons here, and if you want a view of the Jurassic Park ride next door, you'll have to head upstairs to the cafe's outdoor seating area.

I chose the citrus-marinated roasted chicken dinner, served with mashed potatoes and corn, for $12.99. The dinner also comes with gravy and a biscuit, but you can request the meal without those if you'd prefer a wheat-free option. (Universal Studios Hollywood lists on its website all the gluten-free selections available at its restaurants.)

Chicken dinner

The chicken doesn't need any gravy, anyway. Juicy with citrus flavor, this half-chicken could serve two, if you're looking to save money and calories. (I couldn't come close to finishing it on my own.) The crisp, peppery skin adds even more flavor. It's basic food, sure, but well-executed, providing a nice change of pace from the deep-fried or cheese-slathered fare that too often dominates theme park menus.

Have you eaten at the Jurassic Cafe recently? Tell us about it in the comments and on our Jurassic Cafe review page.

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Replies (2)

February 10, 2015 at 1:40 PM

This is one of our favorite quick service restaurants at Universal. We've probably sampled two thirds of the menu and everything has been good. Try the tortilla soup, it's a great start to a meal. Plus the prices are very reasonable for a theme park. And the portions are large. Great view of the JP River Adventure rafts crashing into the water.

February 11, 2015 at 11:11 PM

I hit the delete button on an anonymous comment that I meant to approve. (It was in the middle of a bunch of link spam submissions and I was in a rhythm killing them off. Sorry!) Anyway, the comment noted, correctly, that the gravy is served atop the potatoes, not the chicken. But my view on gravy is that if gravy is ever contained to just a single item on the plate after you start eating, you're doing it wrong. :^) Anyway, just wanted to make the point. And, to say sorry to the anon for spiking that comment by mistake.

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