Twisted Colossus Construction Tour: March 2015

March 27, 2015, 6:16 PM · Six Flags Magic Mountain invited us back out today for another look at the progress on Twisted Colossus, the Rocky Mountain Construction steel re-top of the park's former Colossus wooden coaster.

The lift chains are in place now.

The lift chains are in place now

And workers are installing the lift motors.

Workers installing the lift motors

There's an envelop testing unit on the track, which workers will use to test the clearance around the coaster train along the track, as it is completed.

Awaiting envelope testing on the track

Much of the track is in place now, but some around the Outward Banked Floater remains to be installed.

Track remaining to be installed

We took a walk around the structure to look at one of Twisted Colossus' signature maneuvers, the High Five.

The High Five feature

Workers are building the one of the coasters' inversions, the Top Gun.

Workers building the Top Gun inversion

Six Flags spokespersons said that they are not ready to announce an opening date for the ride, but that they expect to make an announcement of that date within the new couple weeks. In the meantime, we leave you with a photo of Twisted Colossus' drop, with Goliath and Superman in the background

Twisted Colossus, with Goliath and Superman in the background

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