Let's look at the contenders for this year's Best Hotel award

June 29, 2016, 12:57 PM · On Monday, July 4, we will reveal the winners of the 15th Annual Theme Park Insider Awards. Over the past two days, we've looked at the top contenders for this year's Best Restaurant and Best New Attraction awards. Today, we offer the finalists for the Best Theme Park Hotel honors. As with all the Theme Park Insider Awards, your ratings will determine the winners.

Walt Disney World Resort:

Disneyland Resort:

Universal Orlando Resort:

The hotel among those listed above with the highest average reader rating will win the Theme Park Insider Award for Best Theme Park Hotel. But there are several top-quality international hotels that have struggled to get a minimum number of ratings to qualify for a Theme Park Insider Award, so we'd like to draw your attention to some of those, too.

International Theme Park Resort Listings:

If you have visited any of these hotels in the past year, please follow the links above to submit your rating. You don't need to be registered with the site, but if you are, you can leave a short review, too. Then please follow us on Twitter and on Facebook to get first notice of when we post the award winners on July 4.


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June 29, 2016 at 9:59 PM · I've stayed at a few of these. Wilderness Lodge gets my vote, but I really would love to stay at the Grand Californian because it looks gorgeous.

If AK Lodge could get a monorail, it would be very impressive, and once Avatar Land opens, maybe a repeat option. But it seems too far away from the rest of civilization. Lol.

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