Wednesday round-up: On tickets, Trek, and time travel

July 6, 2016, 9:45 PM · Tickets go on sale in one week for next year's D23 Expo in Anaheim. The biennial Disney convention moves up a bit on the calendar, running July 14-17, 2017 at the Anaheim Convention Center, across the street from the Disneyland Resort. Tickets will go on sale at 10am PT on July 14 at, with discounted prices available until the end of this year. D23 fan club members can get additional discounts. We're hoping for more news about Star Wars land and other upcoming Disney theme park projects at the event, as well as the usual collection of panel presentations, Walt Disney Archives and Imagineering exhibits, the Disney Legends enshrinement ceremony, and Disney and Pixar Studios previews.

Speaking of tickets... I wonder if you could sell an intact opening-day commemorative Epcot ticket on eBay for far more than the current $345 price of a three-day park-hopper. Heck, I wonder if you could find a Disney fan at the front gate willing pay more than that in cash for one of these tickets.

Movie Park Germany announced today that it will open "Star Trek Operation Enterprise," a Mack Rides launch coaster, for the 2017 season. Beyond that, the park's bring coy on details about the new ride, which will be the first Star Trek-themed coaster since the old Borg Assimilator coaster at Carowinds, which is now known as Nighthawk. Here's a time-lapse construction video of the project:

Finally, from Thursday through Saturday, tennis fans in the London area can visit an pop-up immersive theater experience that will take them back in time to the first Wimbledon championships, in 1877. Created by Les Enfants Terribles and Framestore, the show starts in a Victorian time portal and leads visitors through the streets of London on their way to Wimbledon. It's sponsored by and developed as a "brand experience" for Stella Atrois, so the price includes two drinks and the experience ends in a bar where you can watch this year's tournament on TV.

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July 7, 2016 at 12:19 AM · Thanks for the great round-up!

I'm from Germany and I'm excited about Movie Park's upcoming Star Trek rollercoaster. The park's attractions are typically relatively low-budget, so my expectations aren't too high. But it's going to be a Mack launch coaster with a solid IP and that's something.

I think another coaster in Germany needs some attention on this site. Last week, Phantasialand opened Taron. Taron is an Intamin multi-launch coaster whose theming is almost on Disney / Universal level. For Europe, it's truly an outstanding ride.

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