Efteling offers charm and value with its Loonsche Land Holiday Village

June 29, 2017, 9:41 PM · KAATSHEUVEL, Netherlands — As part of the press event for the opening of Efteling's new dark ride Symbolica, I had the chance to stay in the resort's new Loonsche Land Holiday Village.

As with most of Efteling's offerings, it really makes a virtue of its setting in a nature park. The vibe here is somewhere between hunting lodge and farmhouse, with the rooms split between one main hotel block (where we are staying) and a series of individual cabins.

Loonsche Land Holiday Village

The grounds are undoubtedly charming. The signs of its newness are apparent - once the plants have had a chance to bed in and the cabins have weathered, the effect will be gorgeous - but there's already a natural serenity that offers exactly what you want after a hectic day in a theme park.

The rooms are minimally equipped but quaint, with the bunk beds given a cute "hideaway" treatment that kids will enjoy. The beds aren't quite luxurious, but perfectly reasonable at this price point. There's not a lot of spare space - but you're unlikely to be spending much time in your room on this kind of trip.


One of Loonsche Land's greatest charms is its intimacy. With a fairly small maximum occupancy, the site feels neatly tucked away, and you never feel overwhelmed by the volume of people. We didn't have a problem finding a seat by the lake to have a drink, the calm only broken by occasional chatter from the other tables or an Efteling employee cycling past.

Its small size also means that you avoid the lengthy trek from your room to reception or breakfast that is often an inevitable part of a stay in a theme park hotel. (If you fancy a walk however, the hotel is right on the edge of Efteling's woodlands.)

Speaking of breakfast - the offerings here are again of a high quality without being extravagant. Eggs, bacon and cold meats are complemented by a selection of fruits, cereals and fresh bread. (The juices are also unusually good for a theme park hotel.)

The room used for breakfast doubles as the hotel's restaurant De Proeftuyn. It offers a simple menu that'll satisfy most tastes. I had a prawn & mozzarella salad followed by steak, while my friend had a vegetable quiche and a cannelloni.

Prawn & mozzarella salad

There was no great standout, but everything was a clean, simple and pleasant taste, in keeping with the hotel's "drawn from nature" theme. And the service was great, with the staff impressively knowledgeable on their menu. The restaurant is a perfectly fine option if you don't fancy the drive into the nearby town of Kaatsheuvel.

While I don't have prices for later in the season, the current room rates start at €299 for a 5-person room in the main hotel block, and €389 for a 6-person cabin. Considering this includes breakfast, two days of park admission and half an hour of early entry to some of the park's mid-range attractions, I'd rate that highly on the value scale. The walk to the gates takes less than 20 minutes, but the hotel offers a quick shuttle if you'd rather save the energy.

Particularly considering the hotel offerings at other theme park resorts, Loonsche Land is a charming place to spend a night if you're visiting Efteling, and good value to boot.

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June 30, 2017 at 4:34 AM · Oh, cool. Robert DID assign a correspondent to attend the opening of Symbolica. Very nice hotel review, Ben. It's only an educated guess here, but I think you will find the new Symbolica ride to be very good. It's perhaps the best new ride opening this year at a theme park not owned by Disney.
July 5, 2017 at 9:39 PM · I'd also like to recommend Efteling Bosrijk (Forrest Realm), a bungalow park next to Loonsche Land. It's more expensive but of very high quality.

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