Disneyland set to reveal more Galaxy's Edge detail next week

February 20, 2019, 10:21 AM · Disneyland's next big Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge reveal is coming next week. The resort has invited its cast members to a special event in Tomorrowland on Tuesday, February 26. Included will be the first look at the costumes that cast members will wear inside the new Star Wars land when it opens this summer.

One presumes that these also will be the same costumes worn at the Walt Disney World installation of the land this fall, as well, as by all accounts Disney is duplicating everything across the two sites. Disney will have at least two attractions, a food and beverage location, and multiple merchandise locations across the land, so there will be plenty of cast members to dress.

I'm guessing a lot of Earth tones here, but who knows?

Expect Disney to follow the cast-only preview of the Galaxy's Edge costumes with a public reveal, perhaps late that night or the next morning. And if you just have to be among the first to see the new duds, watch social media on Tuesday night, as cast members' photos of the costumes likely will go viral within the Disney fan community within moments of being posted.

Here is our recap of what to expect from Disney's new Star Wars lands when they debut at Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios later this year:

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